Great weblogs?

Oh, all right - the main reason for me to start this thread was to promote a net acquaintance’s blog. It’s pretty recently started, it’s at - and it’s terrifically funny, trust me. Just read the current entry about the furries if you don’t believe me, it’s all great.

But anyhow, apart from that, I enjoy MetaFilter and’s Hit & Run. Does anyone know of other good blogs?

Well, if you arn’t sick of my whining in the Pit, there’s plenty more on my web log at . It might be a bit personal for general interest, but I put a lot of care into my entries and try to craft good stories out my entries.

What the hell, I’ve been writing this thing for nearly six months with only a very few RL friends reading it, so here:

I don’t read other blogs, so don’t know how good mine is, but my friends say (without my asking) that it’s pretty good. Feel free to leave comments.

Great blogs? Isn’t that a contradiction? :dubious:

Joeuser is pretty good for techies.

This one is hilarious if you’re an anime fan, particularly if you like Sailor Moon. If not…well, I wouldn’t bother:

And a thread like this without a link to Dave Barry’s blog is simply shameful, so I’ll rectify that right now:

I get OpalCat’s.

Is this an invitation to plug our blogs? If so, see my sig.

If it’s a request gor genuinely great blogs, see my sig. Ahem.