Great Western Movie Lines

Unforgiven: Any man don’t wanna get killed… better clear on out the back.

Not technically an oater, but western nonetheless, was Hud: (talking to the guy and his girl in a bar, where the guy wants to kick Hud’s little brother’s ass for flirting with her) “She didn’t encourange him none, did she?” “No, she didn’t” “That’s funny, cuz I was sittin’ way over yonder and I felt a little encouraged myself.” (Fight erupts)

Val Kilmer as Doc: “I’m your huckleberry.”

Support Your Local Sheriff: Bad guy: Let’s step outside and settle it. Garner: Okay, you first. The guy turns around and Jim Garner clubs him to the floor. Someone else: “You hit him from behind!” Garner: “Just as hard as I could.”

The Shootist

Gillom Rogers: [Books is giving Gillom gunfighting lessons] Mr. Books, my grouping of shots was tighter than yours. How is it you’ve killed so many men?

John Bernard Books: First thing is, that target wasn’t shooting back at you. Second, most men at that last second will flinch; I won’t.

*Angie Dickinson as Feathers, to John Wayne as John T. Chance, in Rio Bravo: *“Hey Sheriff, you forgot your pants.”

[QUOTE=ChefguySupport Your Local Sheriff: Bad guy: Let’s step outside and settle it. Garner: Okay, you first. The guy turns around and Jim Garner clubs him to the floor. Someone else: “You hit him from behind!” Garner: “Just as hard as I could.”[/QUOTE]

“You heard what the Sheriff said! No more shootin’ till the sun goes down!”
“Is that what he said?”
“It’s close enough.”

“And me, I go on to become one of the most beloved characters in Western folklore.”

God, I love that movie.

Another from Support Your Local Sheriff that cracks my room mate up every time I say it:

“He stuck his finger in your what?!

The Magnificent Seven:

Is he prejudiced?

When it comes to gettin’ shot, he’s downright bigoted.

“If he’d just pay me what he’s payin’ them to stop me robbin’ him, I’d stop robbin’ him.”

“You elected?”

“No, but I got nominated real good.”

Had I not come in here to post that very quote, I’d have avoided the nitpick, but it’s:

“Now, I don’t want to kill you, and you don’t want to be dead.”

Another from the same movie:

“Today my jurisdiction ends here.” Sheriff John Langston

A couple more from Unforgiven

Will Munny: That’s right. I’ve killed women and children. I’ve killed just about everything that walks or crawled at one time or another. And I’m here to kill you, Little Bill, for what you did to Ned.

Little Bill Daggett: I guess you think I’m kicking you, Bob. But it ain’t so. What I’m doing is talking, you hear? I’m talking to all those villains down there in Kansas. I’m talking to all those villains in Missouri. And all those villains down there in Cheyenne. And what I’m saying is there ain’t no whore’s gold. And if there was, how they wouldn’t want to come looking for it anyhow.

Me, too.
After James Garner (Lattigo Smith?) hits the gunfighter from behind, he breaks the trigger finger of his right hand. Jack Elam examines the unconscious kid and mentions, “You know, from the way he’s wearin’ his rig, it looks like he’s left handed.”

Jack Elam covers the dog’s eyes while Smith breaks the finger on his left hand.

They Call Me Trinity

Tobias: Have you seen what faith will do?
Bambino: It’ll work, if you put it in a rifle barrel.

Tobias: [as Trinity and Bambino ride into the Mormon camp] Welcome, brothers!
Bambino: [gruffly, to Trinity] Who told him we were brothers?
Trinity: [innocently] Wasn’t me.

Jonathan: This was a quiet town before you came. Disgusting town, but quiet.

Trinity: I’m sorry, but I couldn’t let them call Ma an old…
Bambino: But it’s true.
Trinity: Yeah, but she ain’t that old.

“This train will stop at Tucumcari.”

I don’t know why this line has always stuck in my head.

Hombre Hey. I got a question. How are you planning to get back down that hill?

From Maverick:

Annabelle Bransford: But I thought you were a quick draw!

Maverick: [who demonstrated his quick-draw skills facing down a gunslinger in the first scene of the film] I am! But I can’t hit shit!

Gene Wilder: “But *this * is the hand I shoot with!”

Hombre - Grimes to Hombre (assuming he’s about to kill him):

Now what do you suppose Hell is gonna look like?

Paraphrasing from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence: This is west. When the legend conflicts with the facts, print the legend."

The Cowboys:

Longhair: Now friend, I’ll have the gun… and I’ll have the holster too 'cause you ain’t going to need it.

Longhair: Ah, Mister Anderson, you love to make it happen don’t you?
Mr. Anderson: You havin any of it?

I had forgotten two of the greatest lines.
“Fill your hand, you sin of a bitch!” from True Grit and “How are you planning to get back down that hill?” from Hombre. Thank you, gentlemen. :slight_smile:
The husband calls Lee Marvin a bastard in The Professionals and Marvin responds, “Yes, Sir. In my case, an accident of birth. But you, Sir, are a self made man”, mounts and rides off.