Greatest Female Actors -- SDMB Poll

See The greatest actors of your lifetimewhich was started 03-20-2010, 12:58 PM by Zeldar and was closed after 60 posts.

Over that time 32 voters mentioned 73 Men and 48 Women, and after the names with only one mention each were dropped, we are left with 28 Men and 17 Women to be voted on as the Best Actors of Our Lifetimes.

This poll is for the Female Actors. Male Actors are in a separate poll.

One vote per Doper per poll. Make them count!

Bummer. Guess (with the exception of Hepburn), you’re only great if you’re still alive…

What this poll may help determine is the Greatest Non-Meryl-Streep Female Actor.

Yes, this seems to be a poll for the greatest still-living, non-Katharine-Hepburn actress . . . which means you left out 8 of the 10 greatest.

Unless you seriously think that Edie Falco (whoever that is) is a better actress than Bette Davis ever was.

Perhaps if you had offered a bit more than

in the original thread, more of your issues would have been addressed.

Edie Falcois probably best know as Carmela Soprano and has a few Emmy awards to show for it.