Greatest Male Actors -- SDMB Poll

See The greatest actors of your lifetime which was started 03-20-2010, 12:58 PM by Zeldar and was closed after 60 posts.

Over that time 32 voters mentioned 73 Men and 48 Women, and after the names with only one mention each were dropped, we are left with 28 Men and 17 Women to be voted on as the Best Actors of Our Lifetimes.

This poll is for the Male Actors. Female Actors are in a separate poll.

One vote per Doper per poll. Make them count!

I put down Daniel Day Lewis, since I don’t recall him ever being in anything bad and most stuff he’s been in has been superb.

I think one could make a really strong case for John Cazale, though.

Interesting trivia point - he and Meryl Streep, who will probably win the female thread, met while making The Deer Hunter, and were once engaged.

Some time ago, and I forget what brought the subject up to start with, but a major IMDB challenge would be to find another actor whose credits include no movie with lower than an 8.0 IMDB score. Check it out!

No Cary Grant? Hmmmph! :mad:

He and so many others just never got that second (or more) vote in the original thread. If you want to complain, try Brando, once heralded as The Greatest Actor. Too many shit roles, one must assume.

No Gary Cooper? No Cary Grant? No Clark Gable?

That list is really tilted to modern day actors…

Good list; it was hard to pick one. I had to go with Gary Oldman though.

Please check the link in the OP. How the list came to be is explained there.

Since it doesn’t have Laurence Olivier, I can’t vote.

He’s on there.

I voted for Daniel Day Lewis and was surprised to see that (so far) he’s tied for first place with 12 votes. I like a lot of the other actors on the list, but Lewis is one who seems to become the character he’s playing.

There’s a lot to choose from on that list, but I went with Oldman too, because of his range.

That was my vote and my reason.

Oldman does have terrific range. I was sorely tempted by Johnny Depp for the same reason (plus he’s good in virtually everything he’s ever done), but voted for Ian McKellen instead. Just as Gandalf, he showed a very broad range, and was terrific every second he was on camera. But he also hit it out of the park as the deliciously wicked and scheming lead in the what-if British Fascist retelling of Richard III.

I’d also have nominated Jeff Daniels. Anyone who could so ably play both the moronic but good-hearted Harry in Dumb and Dumber and the quietly heroic Chamberlain in Gettysburg deserves a wheelbarrow full of Oscars.

What about Francis X. Bushman?:cool:

Didn’t make the cut.

Who Is Daniel Oldman and Daniel Day Lewis? Never heard of them?

I voted for Robert Dinero. I love all of his diverse roles. If Clark Gable was on there I would have voted for him.

I think you should make it clear in your next preliminary thread that you encourage multiple repeat nominations. I think a few people specifically avoided rementioning names that were already nominated, and that could skew results if you are culling single mentions…

Nice suggestion. I won’t be doing any others of this type, so feel free to do one your way. I’ll have no problems with that.