Greatest Hits By (Not the lead singer)

Ever heard a song and when you find out who the band is, you say…“Huh? Who is singing?”


“Dirty Work” by Steely Dan
“Don’t Want to Wait Anymore” by The Tubes

“Any Other Day” by The Police would be an example except it wasn’t a hit.

Not counting Beatles songs (too easy) I can’t think of any others…anyone?

Drive, sung by The Cars’ bassist Benajamin Orr rather than Ric Ocasek.

“Oh, What a Night” by The Four Seasons, sung by the drummer, not Frankie Valli

“What I Like (About You)” by the Romantics - sung by the drummer, not the lead singers…

“Tempted (by the Fruit of Another)” by Squeeze - normal lead singers were Difford & Tilbrook; this was sung by Paul Carrack, who was playing keyboards at the time…

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“Hungry Heart” by Bruce Springsteen? I’ve been trying to find out for years who is doing the vocals on that one. :wink:
(I know it’s Springsteen, but I swear they jacked with the vocal track on that song.)

Ben Orr was another lead singer - wasn’t a principal songwriter or producer like Ocasek, but he sang his share of songs…

You’re kind of both right. I’ll bet there were a lot of people, myself included, surprised to discover upon seeing the video that there were a lot of hits that Ocasek didn’t sing. I mean seeing the video in the 80’s, not right now.

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Dude, Ben Orr could actually sing ;). Ocasek yelp-speaks his leads. The two sound completely different.

Queen was blessed with three members who had excellent voices. Freddie Mercury was, obviously, the primary lead singer, but Brian May and Roger Taylor sang on their shares of songs, as well.

Songs on which May sang lead included '39, Some Day One Day, and Good Company. Songs on which Taylor sang lead included I’m In Love With My Car, Drowse, and Rock It (Prime Jive).

When Trevor Rabin joined Yes, the album on which the band was working on (90125) wasn’t going to be labeled as a Yes album, since it didn’t have enough members of the band. Vocalist Jon Anderson wasn’t involved in the project, and Rabin was slated to act as both lead vocalist and guitarist. Anderson joined the project partway through, and took over most of the lead vocals, though Rabin still sings co-lead on several tracks, including Leave It (Rabin sings the first verse).

On that Can’t Buy a Thrill album, in addition to David Palmer’s vocals on “Dirty Work,” he sang lead on “Brooklyn” and Jim Hodder sang lead on “Midnite Cruiser”.

Dale, one thing you’ll find out about this place is that people don’t pay any attention to what a thread actually asks for. You’ll get every single track that anyone other than the normal lead sang even if it wasn’t a hit.

Keith Richards sang a track or two on a lot on Stones albums, but I think only “Happy” was a hit. John Entwhistle sang a few songs on Who albums, but the closet to a hit is “Boris the Spider.” Jack Bruce was the normal lead for Cream but their gutarist, some guy named Eric Clapton, sang on the hits “Strange Brew” and “Badge.”

Not to my 16 year old ears and whose visual experience (until ‘Drive’) was “Shake it Up” and “Since You’ve Gone”

And actually if you listen to “Cruiser”, Orr sounds more fairly like Ocasek. Sure, NOW,I can tell them apart…and ftr, I’ve read in the past how Ocasek and Orr themselves would say exactly what you said…“How the hell can you not tell us apart.”

The Edge sang U2’s “Numb”.

Peter Criss singing “Beth.” A lot of people thought it was Rod Stewart at the time.

ETA: It’s a Kiss song in case you whippersnappers don’t know the song.

“Just the Same Way” - Gregg Rollie sings this Journey song, although Perry backs him and does the middle eight. (And geez his voice is different than Black Magic Woman.)

Also “Anytime”

This is the first song I thought of. I heard it on the radio earlier, and I think I hear it more often than any other U2 song. However, I always knew it was a U2 song with The Edge doing the lead vocal. So there was never a “Huh?” moment.

I heard it several days ago at a gas station. Has anyone else noticed that the guy couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket? :dubious:

While we’re on the topic of Yes and singers named Trevor, “Tempus Fugit” was sung by Trevor Horn.

It was, indeed. Tempus Fugit was from the album Drama, which immediately preceded 90125, and was the only Yes album (before 2011’s Fly From Here) in which Anderson was not involved.