Green card - how long did it take after fingerprinting?

I’m going through the slow process of getting a green card - coming up to 5 years in the process so far, including labor certification. In April, I was called in to be fingerprinted for sending to the FBI. Do any dopers have recent experience of getting a green card, and if so, how long after the fingerprinting did it take?

Yes, I know the INS (or whatever they call themselves now) will give a total estimated timescale on their web-site, but they give a very wide range and they only cover start-to-end. I’m trying to work out if I can judge how long left based on the fingerprint milestone.

What jurisdiction are you in, and when did you submit the I-485?

The BCIS has been monkeying around with what point in the process they request fingerprints, because for a while they were requesting them too early on and the clearances would expire by the time the rest of the application was adjudicated, and they’d have to re-do the fingerprints. So times have been fluctuating a lot, but in general it shouldn’t be more than a few months more for you.

Texas. March 2002.

I’ll have to ask around at work tomorrow; most of my stuff is filed in Nebraska.

My sister applied for a new green card 16 months ago, just before her old one expired. She still hasn’t heard back.