Green Day

As usual, Green Day has dropped two monster singles (American Idiot & Boulevard of Broken Dreams) in a row in support of their new album (American Idiot). Boulevard of Broken Dreams is the best new song I have heard in a long time. What a soaring chorus. That ending!

It’s great to see these guys continue to evolve and refine their craft. Billie Joe Armstrong is crazy mad talented and fantastic songwriter.

The reviews are pretty good all the way around. I’m probably going to buy it.

What do you guys think of their new album?

I’m liking it. I thought the band was pretty much done with after Warning, that album was definately lacking. But I really like the whole album, it’s definately different, I mean two 9 minute songs, but they’re good. As many reviews have stated, it’s a punk rock opera.

It’s not as good as Warning but I like it. It’s probably my second favorite album by them, though Insomniac gets big points as well for being the first CD I ever bought. I actually didn’t like the first single (“American Idiot”) that much, but I really like “Boulevard.”

I’m not sure I’d like this band quite as much if it wasn’t for the nostalgia, though.

I like the new album. I went to their concert a little over two weeks ago and hearing the songs live is even better. I think they’ve managed to let their sound evolve, but at the same time, don’t stray to far from what the fans know. Boulevard of Broken Dreams is beautiful, although I could live without hearing American Idiot ever again.

I think it’s an incredible album. It’s one of my top-five records of the year, and I’m a pretty discriminating music snob - the other four are artists you’ve never heard of. :wink:

While I think the actual song “American Idiot” is one of their weakest, “Jesus of Suburbia” (the first of the two 9+ minute songs) has officially trumped “1,000 hours” and “welcome to paradise” as the best song they’ve written. “Wake me up when september ends” is an incredibly gorgeous song, epitomizing the type of sentimentality the band initially tried to capture with “good riddance (time of your life)”. But where that song came across as schmaltzy and mawkish, “wake me up when september ends” is an incredible honest, mature, Beatles-esque heartbreaker.

Definitely check it out if you like good music.

I heard the album the other day, and it’s pretty good, although Green Day tend to be a little too derivative (like late-70s Jam, Clash & Buzzcocks). American Idiot, while it sounds a bit too much like Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation, is a pretty good song that needs to be sung these days.