Greetings from a new DC member

Hello all,

I’ve been lurking for quite awhile, but I thought I would finally jump in and introduce myself. I live in DC on Capitol Hill, and I work as an economist for a federal agency. I own 2 dogs and 2 cats, and I’m married to a great guy. I’m also an amateur dog trainer.

I’m not a troll or one trick pony, so you can all breathe a sigh of relief. Or maybe not, as they can be pretty amusing at times (I still chuckle when I think of the Engelbert Humperdinck incident). I feel like I’ve been lurking a little too long, I feel like I know some of you but you don’t know me. Not quite fair, but I guess you have to expect strangers will be watching when you post things on the internet. :wink:

Hi Miabella, welcome to the boards. Don’t mind the mess, the cleaners been on holiday since that teensy incident in the Pit last month.

I, too, am a longtimer lurker, which you can probaly tell by my low post count. Which is odd, since you can’t get me to shut up in person.

Have fun,


Welcome to the boards…or at least the “now everybody knows I’m on the boards and can read my posts, eek, scary cringe aspect” of them. I don’t remember when the next one is, but you should drop by a Lunch Bunch, they’re a blast.

Welcome, newbie MAD! Are you inclined to socialize? If so, you need to keep an eye out for MAD events. If not, well then, be that way!


Welcome! Welcome welcome welcome!

(Welcome yerself, sport.)

As you can see, there’s DC Dopers aplenty, and as panache mentioned we have our semi-weekly Lunch Bunch downtown that you’re cordially invited to attend. Next one’s on the 21st.

Thanks for the nice welcome, guys.

FCM, I try to socialize on a daily basis so I don’t become a weird hermit, but I don’t know what a “MAD” event is. Please enlighten me, all I can think of is Mothers Against Drunk Driving, but since there is only one “D” it can’t be that. :smiley:

Welcome to the boards, Miabella! Oddly enough, my dance teacher is also named Miabella

Any relation? :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, Zyada, I can’t claim to be the same. I’m not nearly so exotic, and I’m also a non-dancing klutz. I also post on a couple dog training boards, and I got my username from one of my dogs who I lost last year to cancer. I just thought I would keep it consistent since I don’t have a great memory for usernames and passwords.

MAD=Mid-Atlantic Doper - predominantly Md-Va-DC with some Pa and NC tossed in the mix. Be on the lookout for threads about things happening in the general area - I think there’s a current one about going hiking.

And don’t let my Florida location confuse you. My husband is living in Baltimore and I’ll be moving there in about 15 months (but who’s counting?) after I get my kid’s lazy butt out of high school and settled in college. Yeah, I’m a real “Mother of the Year” ya know?

Oh yeah, and MAD is an oddly appropriate acronym… For most of 'em. Not me tho… :smiley:

Welcome, Miabella! Glad you’re de-lurking. Come on in, and make yourself at home!

What breed of dogs do you have? A close friend of mine is pretty into dog training too, with Samoyeds. (Motto: “Easier to train than cats.”) I’m a cat person myself, but it’s fun to borrow a dog every now and then.

Here’s the hiking and outdoors thread that FCM referred to. If you’re dying to get outdoors after all the snow, feel free to join us on the Billy Goat Trail a week from Saturday.

I own a 9 year old male Beagle named Hubie (couch ornament) and a 2 year old female Rottweiler named Ilsa. They are both rescues. Ilsa is my obedience dog. Now before everyone gasps in disbelief and hides their babies because I own a Rottweiler, let me explain. :wink:

(stepping on educational soapbox) Rottweilers are not vicious baby eaters by nature. But they are also not the right dog for the casual, novice pet owner. This is a high drive working dog that requires a dedicated owner who will give it daily training and proper socialization to make it the outstanding animal it can be. They are so smart and powerful that if you are not willing/able to train to the point where you have complete off-leash verbal control, you have no business owning this breed.

Too many people get the breed for the wrong reason. They want a tough dog, and they encourage the dog to be aggressive in order to compensate for their own inadequacies. Or else they are well-meaning but do not fully research the amount of training the breed requires. They want a simple house pet, but Rottweilers do better as companions and working partners. This breed will be happy enough to take the leadership position in the household if allowed. Either of these scenarios can lead to out-of-control dogs and some of the sad events that have happened.

However, a Rottweiler with proper training and socialization is the dog of a lifetime. (stepping off soapbox)
This is my second Rottweiler, my first one died last year from cancer. I’ve had Ilsa since last November, and she should have her first AKC obedience title this summer (fingers crossed). She is also taking the test to become a certified Therapy Dog in April.

RT, I think Sammies are some of the sweetest dogs. I’ve never met one I didn’t like. :slight_smile:

Bienvenidos, Miabella! Glad you finally shed the Lurking Mantle!

Like cookies? These imaginary ones are… oh, let’s say double fudge with butterscotch chips. But if you don’t like that, you can make them be whatever you want. That’s what’s so great about imaginary things! Do help yourself.

Don’t forget about the Appetizers and Alcohol Appreciation Society. We’re monthly (and new, so get in on the ground floor).

Well, if we’re having cookies already, I’ll put on the coffee-

Speaking of MAD events, I did finally put M+A+D into “Mid-Atlantic Dopers” but it works for “Maryland And DC” and “Metro Area Dopers”…it can stand for a lot of other stuff too. Took me awhile. :slight_smile:

I know a guy who trains and shows Samoyeds, he treats them like children, and though I haven’t met them they sound like most charming dogs!

I definitely have to get in on some of these activities, they sound great. Lunch Bunch, Alcohol and Appetizers, Hiking; wow, my social calendar is going to be full. :slight_smile:

Hey, I coined the term MAD. I wanted to be able to include the Baltimore types. And the Carolinians.

I got big on ‘Mid-Atlantic’ when I was heavily into the music scene. When Emmit Swimming starting making a fuss about being in the ‘Mid-Atlantic’ scene I adopted it.
Welcome, Miabella. Please keep the last weekend in June free.

Let’s not forget all four of us Pennsylvanians. Gotta have a couple of token Yankees. :wink:

Welcome, miabella. I think you’ll find the SDMB and the MADs to be rather fun. Well, we like to think we are.

And watch out for that Jonathan Chance character. I hear he’s trouble. :smiley:


Welcome aboard!

Another DC person, cool.
This is my second round with DC, Hubby being military and all.
And I’m on Capitol Hill too. Don’t work, so I sit here most days and amuse myself, reading the message boards.

And thanks, folks, I’ve been here a couple of weeks and this is the first I’ve heard of MAD. (sniff)

Welcome aboard Mirabella.

And welcome aboard, catnoe!

The MADs are a diversionary bunch. We’re glad to have you aboard.

And I’d have mentioned MsRobyn and the other Pennsylvanians but they always bring Airman Doors. One look at him and you know he’s trouble.