New member introduction

I’m new here. Is there a place to make an introduction thread?

Do you all discuss politics?

Welcome to the SDMB, Miss Trinnity.

Feel free to make a new thread in the MPSIMS forum to introduce yourself.

We have an Elections forum where you can discuss current politics.

Welcome to the Dope.

As engineer_comp_geek mentioned, MPSIMS is where we usually put introduction threads. I split your post off for you and made a new thread.



If you want to discuss politics, like others say, then Elections is a good bet. If it deals with world events, Great Debates has a few (but be sure to read the rules for each Forum; the mods and posters take them seriously here). And if you want to really vent, check out the BBQ Pit…but please note, the denizens therein do not always play nice…

I completely disagree with your political argument based on petty and superfluous reasons. Oh wait… this is just an intro thread. Well, in that case, welcome aboard.

Welcome to the Dope!

Welcome, welcome! Yes, we discuss politics, but you may want to put on the helmet and body armour before going into the Elections forum. (The asbestos jumpsuit is reserved for the Pit.)

Welcome !! Pie recipes and cute pictures of your pets is also a requirement. Someone may come along and mention the squid and goat but don’t worry, the sting goes away after awhile.

Some mostly lurk! Welcome!

No, he’s still putting out albums. :o


On occasion, M’am… on occasion. Just not all at the same time.

Welcome, Miss Trinnity! This is a true story: I was in line at the grocery store, and the person in front of me said “when she said paper or plastic, I thought she meant ‘how was I going to pay’.”