Greetings From Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Hey everybody!

Mrs. Rastahomie and I are having a great time at Mardi Gras! We’re here at the JaxFest mall taking a break before we head back to Bourbon Street. Wish us luck!


Her’e one for the Homie

( o ) ( o )

What the heck, one for Mrs Homie too

( o ) ( o )

You guys think you could redeem these for some beads? Thanks.

Hey Pocky Way, Rasta & Mrs.!

Hope yer having a great time down there. This is the first time since moving from Mississippi that I’ve REALLY felt homesick. Mardi Gras was always my springboard to spring. (Except last year when I chose Spiffle over it- not disappointed in the least… that was the Midwest Mardi Gras)

I trust you got many beads. If you see this before you leave NOLA, head over to Uglesich’s; best seafood on the planet.

If you see a poor lass tearing out her hair at the live recording soundboard of any musical event you see, via WUNO, that’d be my little sister. Say hey, and buy her a refeshing beverage.