Greetings from Stinky Street

AKA “Don’t come a-visitin’ just yet.” It reeks around here!

Either something isn’t draining, or–more likely–the streetsweeper service is ignoring our street, because there is a lot more than the usual dead leaves, bits o’ litter and dirty water in the gutters these days. There’s green lumpy algae, scummy green bubblicious soup, and just plain old green pond scum. In some places it’s at least two inches thick.

Sure, those of us with the worst of it could push it out onto the street with a broom. But that’s a temporary solution if there is no streetsweeper.

So…I have emailed Public Works to see what the hey is going on.

It’s hard to miss the irony of being in a place where they tell people not to let standing water stand and turn green, yet the gutters are allowed to become the breeding grounds for the Mutant Children of Godzilla Vs. the Smog Monster and the Swamp Thing.


check for pods

Not to mention those West Nile mosquitoes. :slight_smile:

It’s … green.

Wow, I actually got a reply this morning from Public Works. They seem sufficiently concerned and will tell the sweeper to give this st. a thorough cleaning tomorrow morning. Thing is: I thought the sweeper was coming every week, but I’m pretty sure this glop has been here a lot longer than that. Also, they are going to check the drainage, because it’s never been like this before.

Pods? Okay, lemme see…
No, not yet. But perhaps they’re quickening. :eek:

Okay, the sweeper did indeed come on Wednesday and it did a thorough job. Unfortunately, it didn’t last.
Part of the problem is that this street is at the bottom of a hill–not steep but definitely an incline–and things tend to pool up here. The city was also putting in more sidewalk at the end, and that could be disrupting things.

Still…I’ve never seen it quite like this, and that lumpy green slop I mentioned before is now in front of my next-door neighbor’s house. It’s coming THIS WAY!!!