Gretchen Wilson "Politically Uncorrect"

The video for this was a button on the main AOL page today… so being curious I watched it.

I don’t… get her point.

The video starts with a group of people all staring at this bank of tvs all playing different news reports. The war in Iraq, insane gas prices, a clip of a “W” speech. All the people look despondent.

Wilson then proceeds to sing about how she is for “_____”. There’s very little she seems to not be for. She’s for single moms, shift workers, the bible, etc etc.
Somehow this makes her “politically UNcorrect.”

Merle Hagard then pops at various points and alusions are made to some radical positions he has. “Y’all kno where I stand.” ( A reference to “walking on the fighting side of me”?)

It seems like its supposed to be some sort of statment… but I’m not sure, like I say above… what her point is.

Looking at the lyrics, it looks like it’s a screed about how the poor patriotic Christians have it at the feet of rich atheist French-loving black women. Or something.

Pseudo-populist tripe.

And it’s going to sell a million records because the populo is going to eat it up like Thanksgiving dinner with Mom’s apple pie on the side…

And that would be what I was attempting to say in my own post. Kudos.

Reminds me of a quote:

This is one of the few boards where I think someone might know where the quote is from.

I guess you’d have to ask the writers what he was trying to say {if anything}

Is there a difference between politically* uncorrect *and politically incorrect?
Okay, I’m in Nashville. Many of my friends are songwriters. My buddy Matt is on tour with Gretchen, I should be able to figure this out.

Hmmm… Maybe the song is about all the hard working average people who don’t give a rats ass about politics and just want to raise their families and go to work and worship how they choose. All the political discourse and the talk shows and partisan bullshit doesn’t mean a thing to their day to day lives. Perhaps thats the difference berween incorrect and uncorrect. Uncorrect being an incorrect pronounciation. The average person is sick of all the political BS.

There … I think I solved it.

Awwww who am I kidding. I’m cluless.

I’m thinking Lemmings by National Lampoon (the Woodstock parody)

Exactly right. I knew someone would nail it. What prizes do we have for Annie? Well, how about a lifetime supply of Internet street cred? Worth 1/100 of a penny on the open market!


we have a “warning: pdf!” convention on the internets when linking on msg boards… may i now suggest that we also have a similar “warning: country music!” convention?

that is all.

The New York Times’ Kelefa Sanneh explains:

Unfortunately, if you want the rest, you’ll have to pay for the article, or dig up a back issue, but I’ve summarized the basic points.

Howsabout a copy of ‘Lemmings’? :wink:

Sort of like Greenday.

It’s a very crapy video but then 99.9% of them are.