Politically Uncorrect - WTF??

From Gretchen Wilson and Merel Haggard:

I’m for the low man on the totem pole
And I’m for the underdog God bless his soul
And I’m for the guys still pulling third shift
And the single mom raisin’ her kids
I’m for the preachers who stay on their knees
And I’m for the sinner who finally believes
And I’m for the farmer with dirt on his hands
And the soldiers who fight for this land


And I’m for the Bible and I’m for the flag
And I’m for the working man, me and ol’ hag
I’m just one of many
Who can’t get no respect
Politically uncorrect

(Merle Haggard)
I guess my opinion is all out of style
(Gretchen Wilson)
Aw, but don’t get me started cause I can get riled
And I’ll make a fight for the forefathers plan
(Merle Haggard)
And the world already knows where I stand …


Are you fucking kidding me? The conservitive right controls the presidency, both houses of congress, and the supreme court! How the hell are you not getting any respect? Who exactly is trouncing the rights and freedoms of Bible/Flag loving people everywhere?

I mean come on…really. I know its just a song, but damn if I cant picture every hillbilly from W.VA to Texas stomping to the beat and calling local radio stations to let everyone know THEY support the Troops and the President! And damn anyone who wants to take their Bible away!

I generally like country music, really. “Redneck Woman” cracks me up, and is a great sing-along song. But lately there has been a glut of “country values” songs on the radio. When did living outside the city make someone more moral than a city folk? When did working a farm become more “honest” then working 70 hours a week developing tax software?

Ah, maybe im just having a bad day…but just hearing this song just pissed me off. To me it just illustrated that whol “us vs them” mentaility that I seem to see everywhere.

You can never go wrong portraying your audience as victims, no matter how much common sense demonstrates otherwise.

There’s something in the human psyche that makes people just LOVE to think they are victims. I’m not sure why.

That seriously sounds like the lamest song since “What if God Were One of Us?”

I respectfully submit that “God Bless the USA” is way, *waaaaaay * lamer, and for a long while, far more ubiquitous, than “What if God Was One of Us”.

It’s not often I have cause to quote wonkette but:

Obviously, I’m rather dense, but I’m not sure what “politically correct” is code for here. What rights of “guys still pulling third shift”, “single moms raisin’ her kids” and “preachers who stay on their knees” are being taken away by (presumably) the nasty liberals?

Or is it a smoke screen, because the real oppressors are not the liberals, but the super-rich who really control the economy (and the Republican Party).

Que? I listen to country music all of the time (including at this very moment) and “Politically Uncorrect” is the only song of late that has held such a message. The only song that comes to mind as being even remotely similar is “Something to be Proud of” (Montgomery Gentry, maybe?), but really, that song is still totally different in its message.

So, what are these other songs that you’re talking about (that are recent, I mean)?

Even then: who cares? It’s a song. Should we pit Green Day for all of their Anti-Bush stuff? Of course not.

Maybe this doesn’t bother me because I don’t mix my politics with my music. I. Love. Toby. Keith. with the passion of 1000 burning suns, yet I am a pro-choice, pro-gay rights, liberal idea havin’ college student. And really: do you honestly believe that the people who DO believe what that song is preachin’ the gospel will have their ideologies changed by a song?
:: Goes and shakes liberal booty to “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue (the Angry American)” ::

Wow, jumbled much? And we try again"

And really: do you honestly think that the people who DO believe that the song is preachin’ the gospel will have their ideologies changed by one song or another?’

Preview is mi amigo.

So, you lot are baffled completely by this, eh? No matter how hard you try, you can’t think of any issues that might prompt the sort of rhetoric this song displays?

OK. I’m here to help.

Despite the fact that one party controls the White House, Supreme Court, and both houses of Congress, burning the American flag is protected free speech, and forbidding prayer in public school is required by the Constitution. I imagine that’s the kind of thing referred to by “I’m for the Bible and I’m for the flag…”

Now you can end your baffled puzzlement over what kinds of things the singers might possibly be referring to.

Not to mention that people in NYC, San Francisco, Portland, OR and other places these folks hate are paying out more in taxes then they are getting back in benefits so that rural “real Americans” can have good roads going past their house, get mail delivered for the same postage rate, and receive farm subsidies.

“Politically uncorrect” reminds me of Ralph Wiggum’s “Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”

SOME people in NYC, Portland, and San Francisco are paying out more in taxes, yes. I doubt the inner-city residents of housing projects fit into that category, for example.

So what’s your point? I don’t see any indication in the song lyrics that the singer is exhorting or feeling “hate” for any particular group, either. Where did you get that supposition?

Right… so they’re against free speech and the Constitution. But for America.

Just the other day little Johnny was praying at his desk and some jack booted thugs broke in and arrested him.

Yes, it’s a sad day in America when the local government can’t decide what kind of prayers everyone should be led in. Left to their own, kids might even choose one of them bad religions like Islam, Jewdyism, or Episcopalianism.

Why when I was a young’en in college, we listened to nothin’ but punk rock! Yep, and we liked it that way.

Durn kids these days with their country music and the line dancin’ and the patriotic nationalism.

Get the hell off my lawn ya votin’, line scootin’ sheep! Y’all wouldn’t know anarchy if’n you tripped over it.

Sing it sister.


Is uncorrect really a word?

I’m from Texas and I’ve never hear that song (or most any other country song from, oh the last 35 years)

That’s what you get for listening to that shit.

A tidbit from Wikipedia about Merle Haggard: “In October 2005, Haggard released his newest album, ‘Chicago Wind’, to mostly positive reviews. The album contained an anti-Iraq war song in October 2005 entitled ‘Rebuild America First,’ in which he laments the nation’s economy and faltering infrastructure, applauds its soldiers, and sings, ‘Let’s get out of Iraq, and get back on track.’”

He’s starting to remind me of John Kerry.

Nope. But like I said, for some reason this song just pissed me off this morning.

Nah, its not all shit. Just some…but isnt that the case with all music? Some crap, some not.

I don’t think the song implies that they hate anyone. Your post, on the other hand, seems pretty hateful against rural Americans. You might feel differently if those worthless rural people stopped producing the food that feeds you and your family.

In other news, the song is stupid. But it’s what I’ve come to expect from country music, and why I no longer listen to it.