Grey Hair

They say that a great shock can turn a person’s hair grey or white.

But is it really true? Or is this just a normal aging process which a few people experience in a short time?

The Master speaks:

That was from 1987. I think that as ubiquitous as smart phones have become, we can now say “pics or it didn’t happen.” Of course, then we’ll argue about whether there was photoshopping.

I’ve pink hair, but I’m going to dye it in blue.

About 20 years ago, after a time of emotional stress, I found several of my brown scalp hairs that had temporarily gone gray. They were brown at the ends and brown at the roots, but in between was about 3/8 inch of gray. At that time, I already had some gray hairs in with the brown, but the hairs with a band of gray were a surprise. These days, the ratio of gray to brown has gotten to where my driver’s license now calls it gray, but it still looks brown when wet or oily.

I’m 69 years old, and I’m happy to have the hair that’s still there, whatever the color.