Grim week in history (April is the cruelest month)

Anyone else notice how many bad things have happened in this week in history?

Apr 12 1865: Ft. Sumter is fired upon, starting the US Civil War
Apr 12 1945: FDR dies

Apr 13 1970: Explosion on Apollo 13

Apr 14 1865: Lincoln assassinated (dies on Apr 15)
Apr 14 1912: Titanic hits an iceberg (sinks on Apr 15)

Apr 16 1947: Fertilizer explosion kills 581 in Texas City, TX
Apr 16 2007: Massacre at Virginia Tech

Apr 17 1961: Bay of Pigs invasion/fiasco

Apr 18 1906: San Francisco earthquake

Apr 19 1993: Branch Davidian compounds burns in Waco, TX
Apr 19 1995: Oklahoma City bombing

Apr 20 1999: Massacre at Columbine

…but there’s also birthdays!

Apr 8 - my niece
Apr 14 - my friend and my brother-in-law
Apr 17 - my husband
Apr 24 - me and my sister
Apr 25 - my mother-in-law

Ok, my list isn’t quite as long as yours so I guess I can’t cancel out all the bad stuff, but hey, at least I tried :slight_smile:

Eh, take any seven day period and you can turn up enough catastrophe and misery on Wikipedia’s “On this Day” feature to make you weep for humanity.

April 20, 1889 - Hitler’s Birthday

April 28, 1979 - My Birthday

April 28, 1937 - Saddam Hussein’s Birthday


Now there’s one more…

At NASA in Clear Lake a man apparently troubled about the Virginia Tech killings, a William Phillips Jr, has taken two hostages. One apparently escaped and Bill Phillips has now killed the other and himself. Details unfolding.