GropeGate is the worst thing that could have happened to this election.

I don’t know if this sentiment has already been expressed in any of the many existing election threads. I think it deserves its own thread but if the mods disagree and want to merge it, so be it.

GropeGate is the worst thing that could have happened to this election. Even before the bus tape surfaced, his chances were slim. We didn’t need this to get a Clinton win.

If/when Trump loses (god help us if he doesn’t), he and his supporters will point to this scandal as the one and only reason he lost the election. And the media will basically play along and focus on it as well for years to come.

Now, history will not remember that not enough of the electorate really wanted a big Mexican wall.

History will not remember that not enough of the electorate thought that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by China for god knows what reason.

History will not remember that not enough of the electorate wanted a blanket ban on all Muslim immigration. Or even a blanket ban on immigration from countries with “known terrorist ties”.

History will not remember that not enough of the electorate believed that globalization isn’t really happening and just because he says so, that he can bring back all the manufacturing jobs and revitalize rural towns that were built around coal mines.

There are so many things that this election could have shown to the world, about what most muricans really think, and that after all was said and done that we managed to make the right choice and eke out a win for the less evil guy.

Instead, all anyone will remember 5, 10, 50 years from now, is that we didn’t want the guy who thought he could grab her by the pussy :smack:

There is certainly something to be said for wishing that there was more of a focus on how abysmal Trump’s policies are, not just how abysmal his character is.

However, at the end of the day there is nothing wrong with him being defeated because of his contempt for women.

If all the news that’s surfacing now - voice recordings, first-hand accounts of how he treated other people - revealed him to be a monumental racist rather than a monumental sexist, would you be saying “shame we voted the guy down for his racism and not for his trade policies”?

He wishes history would be so forgiving!

There will be a lot of books written, hordes of commentary and years of reflective analysis ahead. We live in an age where nothing gets forgotten. It’s all right there, for anyone to drag up. His undoing, in the end.

Not one salacious detail will be forgotten of this hot mess, I believe.

Who cares what they point to as the sole cause? They are currently convincing themselves of all kinds of nonsensical things. Nothing can change that level of fact resistance.

They’re gonna say / blame whatever their crazy selves can swallow. It won’t make sense. And it won’t matter.

It was going to come out eventually. Better before the election than after.

I think it could have mattered. They may have had to face the uncomfortable truth that not everyone agreed with their insanity with regards to policy. Now, they have a convenient bogeyman – the media, in the pocket of the Clintons, brought him down with a scandal backed up only by sleazy women whose word can’t be corroborated.

History will remember all of the things Trump stood for.


I like it.

I had similar sentiments.

I understand the sentiment, but at the same time, I don’t think there’s anything minor about rejecting a serial sexual predator who thinks of 50% of the world as toys for his amusement, and used his money and fame to avoid consequences, nor is it minor that one of the major political parties in this country are generally standing behind a serial sexual predator to run one of the major superpowers on the planet.

Doesn’t have quite the same pizzazz as Gropenator, though. That -gate suffix is way overused.

Well, not all of the 50%. Only the hot ones.

I don’t care why he loses, as long as he loses. The worse he loses, the better.

Gropghazi. Gropaquiddick. Gropot Dome.

Make America Grope Again

It’s quite representative of the party. They did not have a viable candidate. The Democrats had two, and there are several others that would have done well.

Too late for the Paul Ryans to complain. He could have run. Would have worked to prepare for 2020.


It’d be nice if any election anywhere would be decided carefully and thoughtfully, based on the candidates’ policies, knowledge and experience. Does that actually ever happen?

I think we can change that number to 100% as far as toys for amusement go - there’s lots of different ways to bully people, and there’s ample evidence the candidate referenced here has done plenty to humiliate other men as well, it just takes different forms. Making fun of Chris Christie’s weight is one I can think of right off the top of my hand (and pot, kettle with that one). Why anyone sticks with him is a mystery for the ages.

They wouldn’t have faced that regardless. They’re locked into the White America trip, and nothing is going to wake them up to the fact changing demographics aren’t a Commie Plot meant to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids. They can’t see an America beyond the end of the Passing Race; they might as well be Tyrannosaurus species trying to imagine a world after the Great Comet.

In short, they’ll keep on keeping on until their safe districts have taco trucks on every corner and they’re voted into oblivion.

I think it’s just as likely that in hindsight his cancerous persona might metastasize and touch the policy positions that people are still defending.

It’d be nice if we didn’t have such a large percentage of the country so stupid that it can’t see through his bullshit–let alone discuss policies, since Trump hardly has any.