Donald Trump and Women: An Interesting Video

Washington Post article:

Huffington Post article:

His fans are already defending him, saying Real Men talk like this all the time and besides Hillary defended a rapist and Kaine has no experience plus he’s named after the bad son in the Bible.

If you think I’m exaggerating take a look at my local news FB page. WREG Memphis. His fans do not care what he has said. He is a Powerful Businessman and a wealthy celebrity. He should be able to get all the pussy he wants, even if it’s married.

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That’s ok, just don’t kiss them without asking. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Link dumps are his m.o.

I share the very negative reaction of most of the commentary I have seen. There have been so many negatives news about Trump appearing; it is more and more amazing he was ever nominated.

I checked Hannity at ten pm. He and both the women with him were dismissing it entirely, while saying that Bill Clinton was a rapist and if the Democrats want to start anything it’ll all be on Clinton.

Oddly, that was not the take on either CNN or MSNBC, where they were wondering not merely if Sunday’s debate would go forward but if Trump would leave the ticket.

There are two different realities. Remember that when the polls don’t go down.

I doubt the Clinton campaign is releasing the juciest bits of their oppo-research in the first week of October, either.

Well, no that’s not exactly accurate. It was more “ok, this is bad and no one can defend this. That said let’s talk about how bad Bill was, Hillary defended him. Also, she did a bunch of other horrible stuff.”

How did none of the Republicans get any of this research done during the primaries. Doesn’t seem like it’s all that hard to dig up dirt.

Especially given that the other person in the conversation was Jeb’s nephew!

Well, not by five after when I got there while channel flipping.

This was unused footage from the vaults. Somebody on the inside had to know that it existed. The Washington Post reporter interviewed made a big deal of saying how he couldn’t possibly even give a hint how he had obtained it.

I’d guess Billy Bush, but there are too many calls for him to get fired for that to be true.


Oh My Kosh

I’m seeing several stories about various GOP types calling for Trump to resign and let Pence take the top spot. Sounds like they’ve grabbed Trump right by the pussy…

[nitpick] They are cousins. [/nitpick]

Cousin. Billy’s dad is one of George H.W. Bush’s brothers.

“Identical cousins!”

It looks like someone impressed on Trump the seriousness of the video and he issued a video response.

His reading of the statement in the video is pretty mechanical for something that is supposed to be a heart-felt mea culpa. And I suppose now he feels like he is forced for some reason to bring up the Clinton/Lewinsky affair or any other alleged affairs at the debate now, despite his days-old pledge not to.