Groper charged

Not really pit material but fuck this asshole. Hope he gets the book thrown at him.

I feel bad when I hear stories like this and find out the guy has a SO and young kids at home. Thats really going to fuck things up for them.

Already a thread on this:

Absolutely. Ugh. His wife was at the restaurant with him at the time. How humiliating for her. I just this doesn’t affect the children’s lives. Horrible.

I’m glad he’s being charged. This happens all too often and usually the person gets away with it because either it’s not taken seriously or the person being groped doesn’t say anything.

Yeah, it’s sucks that his wife and kids had to find out what an asshole they have for a husband/father in such a public way. Better they find out sooner, rather than later, though.


Hopefully he has not abused his wife or kids.