Group "B" Rally Madness

Caught an excellent documentary on the BBC last night. Taking us through the rather insane period of the “Group B” Rally cars.

( it is still available on iPlayer if you can get it, or search the world wide internetweb for “Madness on wheels”)

For those not in the know, have a little read up here. These were truly incredible machines and piloted by some of the greatest drivers ever to don nomex. I have vivid memories of following the 1985 and 1986 RAC rallies in the UK at the height of this nonsense. I recall seeing these beasts thread their way down ice covered forest tracks at ludicrous speeds, approximately 2 feet away from me. I also positioned myself on the outside of slow hairpins just to get covered in ice, snow and gravel as they kicked up roostertails of debris.

Utterly stupid of me but I was 15/16 so what did I know?

And I saw them all. All the cars, T16, Delta S4, RS200, 6R4, Sport Quattro. There was a stop scheduled in a car-park in my home town just after the Hamsterly forest stage and we got to see all the top drivers too, just milling around and chatting. Close enough to squat down and look under the cars as they were worked on.
Great to see Michelle Mouton in the programme as well. Still looking foxy at 60, she was, of course, every teenage car fanatics dream. A feisty French brunette in a jumpsuit and a Quattro…what’s not to love?

I love Group B! Too bad that a sane world put an end to it. What was the name of the documentary?

It was “Madness on Wheels: Rallying’s craziest years” a bit of a cheesy title for what is a serious programme.

Here is the iPlayer link, it may not be available in your area but it does give some clips and additional info that might help you source it elsewhere.

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feel free to boot it to the games room, it has something of a sporty feel about it.

I was at the last rally ever run with Group B cars, the 1986 Olympus Rally in western Washington. If I remember right, there was a dispute over a previous rally, and the FIA postponed ruling on it until after the Olympus. I think there was some speculation that they wanted to force the championship contenders (Alen and Kankkunen?) to come to the Olympus to give rallying a boost in the U.S.

Whatever the politics, it was a hell of an event. And those cars were brutal.