Grow UP, you little shits!

Okay, Boss Man and Admin Manager, it’s obvious that you don’t like each other. It’s obvious that you think that the other is purposefully placing roadblocks in your way just to make your life harder.

Well, then you need to act like adults and deal with it.

Do NOT put me in the middle. Do NOT regress to, "Well, you tell her/him this… you tell her/him I said that… " Fucking CALL each other. I do not want to be told “I don’t have time!!” or “Well I sent him an email yesterday!” I have asked both of you to take me out of the middle. I have told both of you that it would be faster and easier for both of you to just take the bull by the horns and deal directly with your little issue.

Both of you refuse.

So, grow UP, you little shits! Neither one of you gave me enough info yesterday as to what was really going on, you just expected me to run interference, and thereby made me out to be an asshole. And feel like an asshole.

I am your admin. I have to do what you say. I can’t tell you how angry/sad/disappointed it makes me feel that you have taken advantage of me and my position to do your dirty work because you’re too immature to deal with this situation by yourselves. (Angry/sad/disappointed because it’s brought home to me once again that some grown ups behave like children first of all, and screw other people because of that, secondly.)

If I could handle it financially, I would tell both of you to shove it and walk out right now.

I hate corporate America. I don’t know how I’m going to make it another year before I can be my own boss. In the meantime, I’m going to have to fall back on smoking a pack a day and sucking down gin & tonics.

Wait a minute, waitaminnit, waydaminnit! You say they both REFUSE to talk directly to each other? They won’t even email each other directly?

Insert evil grinning smiley here.

Sounds like it’s time for them to “make up”. Go ahead and pass those messages, but don’t pass them unaltered. Eventually have them both admit they were wrong and “how could I have been so pigheaded” and so forth … watch the ensuing fun when they both decide to talk to each other again! Heh, heh, heh.

Jesus Christ, Ponder Stibbons, that’s feckin’ brilliant!

Why stop there? Go all out and play cupid so that they realize that all the hostility was due to the frustration of being star-crossed lovers who really long to be together…

Sounds like they’re making much ado about nothing.

You said it, Ethilrist.

“I’m the King of the Mountain!”

“No, I’M the King of the Mountain!”