Donut diplomacy and my lack thereof - AKA Me So Dumbass

This morning I went to work at my friendly neighbourhood Tom Hirton’s. All was well. My uniform was pressed, my hair was neat, and best of all, my manager was in a rare sunny mood. She was laughing all morning. I made a few bloopers with the till, but she was patient and kind. I felt like everything was going to be a-ok.

I was a dumbass.

Later on in the shift, the Assistant Manager came on the floor so that the Manager could get things done behind the scenes. There is always friction between the AM and the Big Cheese, mainly because the AM wants things done HER way when she is in charge (rightly so), while BC wants things done HER way whether she is the one on the floor or not. This causes many a tug-of-war, in which us hapless little tanhats (read: peons) get haplessly entangled.
So AM is at the soup and sandwich station, and I move to drive-thru, where I get to be Coffee Jockey, which is my favourite position in the entire store. I think to myself; “Woo-hoo! After a grueling 6 hours at storefront, I FINALLY get a chance to have some fun!”
But alas, it was not to be.
AM needed help, because the S and S lady who had been at that station before her had left her with no chili, no chicken noodle, and no tomatoes. Also, the dining room needed to be swept, so AM asked me to man the tills while the storefront girl who had taken over for me swept. No problem, I said, I can do that for 15 minutes. So I did, and I smiled. But I hated being away from my station.
Then AM asked me to help her get her station tidied up, and I snapped. I was angry that I had to clean up the previous, delinquent S/S ladies’ mess. I trudged into the kitchen looking as mad as I felt, which was my second mistake. The first mistake had been holding The Delinquent’s negligence against the poor AM, who had 5 sandwiches to do and shouldn’t have to put up with that crap.
BC asked me what kind of bee I had in my bonnet and I told her that I had been turned into an errand girl, after looking forward to a nice relaxing afternoon in drive-thru. Of course, BC souldn’t let this go. She flamed AM over the headset so everyone could hear, telling her that she had put me at drive-thru for a REASON and she wanted me THERE, not in the kitchen.
AM snapped and walked out. BC had to go talk to her in her car in the parking lot.
I caused so much trouble. I feel horrible.
I am not worth the crap that I put people through. I should have been gracious and diplomatic and I should have respected AM’s authority and been loyal to her. She wouldn’t even let me make it up to her - I tried to do some extra work for her and she gave me the cold shoulder. This all happened at the end of my shift and I literally ran out of there on the verge of tears.
I am not worth this. I caused all this friction and all these bad feelings. I don’t want anyone to feel that way because of something I did. I wish AM would let me apologize to her. But she won’t even listen to me. Now their opinions of me are ruined and it’s all my own fault. Dammit!

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Aww, that sucks.

At least now you know not to complain about something you don’t want anything done about.

Quit with the “i’m not worth it” crap. We get more than enough of that from our own IDBB. Shit like this used to happen all the time when I worked in food service, and it almost always blew over by the next shift. I wouldn’t stress to much on it.

If you’re feeling that horrendous about it, buy the AM an “i’m sorry” card, or a cookie or something. She’ll get over it.

Good luck to ya.

This is amazing. These two battle-bot managers yank you around the store like a tangled puppet and You feel bad about hurting the feelings of one of them?!?!?

You should (very quickly) get over flogging your that self. If you want to feel bad, feel sorry for them for NOT being competent in their jobs.
I suggest that you let both of them know that you take pride in your work and do not appreciate the added stress of being caught up in their power struggle.

If this is the idea that has you feeling down, let it go. It’s ludicrous to think that your reactions were the initial cause in the situation.

So you’re not an Enlightened Master with the mystical ability to transmute crap into pure, shining gold in any given situation. You’re in good company.

While it may not have been the smartest diplomatic move in the world to inform on your Assistant Manager, there is no worse situation for an employee to be in than being caught between the conflicting demands of two bosses.

What really needs to happen is this: someone (probably not you if you want to keep your job) needs to sit the Manager and the Assistant Manger down and tell them that, no matter their differences, they need to work out a way to run the store so that the employees know what the fuck is going on. This means some sort of consistency, not two diffrerent systems that the poor employees have to jump between on every damn shift.

There’s one part of your OP that i disagree with:

Sorry, but they’re called “Manager” and “Assistant Manager” for a reason. And the reason is that the Manager is the one in charge. The AM doesn’t get to change the way things are run just because she happens to be on the floor. If she wants to change something, she should run it by the boss first, especially if the boss is right there on the premises, as was obviously the case in your little drama.

Anyway, stop beating yourself up about it.

What kind of Tim’s did you work at where you could be assigned to a job and expect to actually work that job for more than 5 minutes at a stretch without be called on to run to front counter/sweep/mop/restock stations/answer the phone/wipe counters/re-organize display cases to reflect better on the Tim Horton’s Family/fold napkins/record voids/witness voids/explain voids/fetch from the freezer/explain why you can’t cover a 10 hour shift at the end of your 10 hour shift/listen to complaints/smile pleasantly while being bitched out because some one else gave an a customer the wrong coffee/clean tables/load or unload dishwasher/de-lime/take orders/make change/go grab a receipt so some one can expense a 1.15 coffee? Sho’nuff not MY Tim’s.

Sympathies from a former tan hat. My favorite AM took her power issues out on the grunts and sucked up to our BC :slight_smile:

WaryEri, usually all the interruptions are endured by the storefront people, while the tanhats at D/T get to luxuriate in the pressure cooker of “Let’s get our times down NOW!”. I guess they figure that D/T staff have enough to worry about. Really all we have to do during slow times is roll coins and make sure we have enough paper stock out, and if we’re REALLY bored we stuff bags for the S&S people. Other than that, we have to stay where we are until the end of our shift comes and it’s time to stock the fridges. If D/T moves out of position for any reason other than The French Revolution happening at storefront, the supervisors shriek at us and wave their arms wildly while jumping up and down like chimps, until we get back into position, anyway (although it would be amusing if they did that all the time).

lezlers, you have something on your shoulder… mmm… it’s a Pringle… munch munch munch I understand where you’re coming from. As for the complaining, I really did want to be able to go back to my position at the time, and I was glad to be sent back, but I resented the fact that BC did it in a way that was openly humiliating to AM, because this poisoned the whole situation and made it look like I was inviting that onto AM. If BC had been more professional it wouldn’t have looked so bad on me.
I guess I am just angry that AM saw this as one more attempt of BC’s to undermine her authority, and interpreted me as being an accomplice to the undermining, which I did not want. And this brings me to…

mhendo! At my little piece of the Tim Horton’s Universe, every shift changes according to which Supervisor (or AM or BC) is in charge. When it’s AM or SuperJean, you complete a task like sweeping the floor or doing the dishes while THEY cover your station for you, so you don’t have to run back and forth. When it’s BC, you damn well better stop whatever you’re doing and serve the customers, because she has more important things to do. Ever Super is different, and you learn which way they want things done. It just seems that BC likes to interfere in the way AM runs things. Not anyone else. Just her.

Don’t really know where you’re getting the whole chip on the shoulder thing from, I was actually on your side in my response. Sorry if it wasn’t all fluffy bunny huggy enough for you. In the grand scheme of crap that can happen in the customer service industry, this one really isn’t too big of a deal. It sucks, but it’s not your fault, and if the AM is even the least bit professional, she’s realize that and most likely, prentend nothing happened when you all work together again.

If she doesn’t, there’s always the option of sending an annonymous note to the district manager about the crappy working environment resulting from the AM and BC’s fricton. That way, it will be handled with neither of them finding out who was responsible for spilling the beans.