Grrrr...why do idiots never get punished? (poker)

Too mild for the Pit…

So I’m playing a tourney online today. 2400 to start, it’s down to under 120 with 80 positions paying. Blinds are 1,000/2,000 and I have about 9,100 left. I’m two off the button and I pick up ATos, which is the first decent hand I’ve seen in 30 minutes. I go all in and get two callers, the first with about 25,000 and the second with about 30,000. Uh oh. Flop comes 663. First guy goes all in and second guy calls. The cards flip up and the first guy has A9os and the second guy has K5os. Sweet, I’m 52% to triple up and be a force in the home stretch. Until a 5 comes on the turn and a K hits the river and the moron who’s not even short stacked and calls off 75% of his stack with no pair and no draw takes down the pot and knocks me out in 114th place. And this kind of shit happens to me all the freaking time. People make these ridiculous plays with horrible hands and they never suffer at my hands for their folly. Now, two or three hands later they make another dumbass donkey play and someone else punishes them for it, but if they’re in against me they’re goddamn bulletproof. It must be nice to be able to be a ginormous donk, secure in the knowledge that whatever fucked up play you make is gonna get paid off when your friggin’ miracle cards hit one right after the other.

OK, go ahead and tell me that these are the people who will pay me off in the long run, regardless of how patently untrue it is. If you can tell me when the goddamn long run is gonna start, I’d appreciate it.

Moan moan moan. Suck it up or chuck it up, Otto.

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Gotta remember to play with Otto so I can bad-beat him… :slight_smile:

I have never seen a guy bitch about bad beats as much as you do, Otto.

All while you claim to actually be UP in the long run.

Well…maybe your premise is wrong.

Don’t worry, Otto. These are the people that will pay me off in the long run.

Phil? Phil Hellmuth, is that you? :slight_smile:

It’s poker, shit happens. You telling me that you’ve never started way behind then won on the river?

To make you feel better, Otto, I can’t ever remember winning a single game of poker.

I’m on your side here, Otto. And to add insult to injury, they always brag about winning like it makes everything better. I had some moron call my all in bet with a 48os against my pocket kings. Asshole flops two pair, and I’m out. I couldn’t contain my rage and started typing nasty things into the lttle chat room in the corner of the screen, and the bastard comes back with “Well I won didn’t I?” Makes a guy want to take up tiddleywinks or something.

IMHO, player #2 calling you was actually a smart bet considering the chip counts. He or she knew that you were short-stacked and were probably waiting for decent cards to go all in. I would’ve taken my chances in that spot too. But player #3 calling was a dumb move. Player 3 risked the majority of his stack with a K high and 2 all-ins in front of him. Funny thing is, after the flop you were quite happy that the idiot called you. You weren’t complaining about his or her playing style at that point.

Jeez, just blowing off a little steam Trunk. Not even talking about this as a bad beat, but as an expression of amazement. And I am up in the long run.

Sure I have. Had a hand the other day where I flopped two pair with AJ and the other guy flopped a straight. I hit a J on the river to suck out with the full house. But the thing is, I started with a strong hand. I don’t get the kind of suck outs that I’m talking about in the OP because I don’t play those kind of crap hands.

Oh, I’m always happy to take advantage of the idiocy of others. It’s the they get rewarded when they play like idiots bit that I’m talking about.

Just so Trunk doesn’t think I never win a nice pot:

Table Seattle,8 Jun 2005 4:00 AM ET


NickD209 posts blind ($0.25), mishimact826 posts blind ($0.50).

dek1141 folds, Otto93 calls $0.50, NickD209 calls $0.25, mishimact826 checks.

FLOP [board cards 8H,JS,4S ]
NickD209 checks, mishimact826 bets $0.50, Otto93 calls $0.50, NickD209 calls $0.50.

TURN [board cards 8H,JS,4S,10H ]
NickD209 checks, mishimact826 checks, Otto93 checks.

RIVER [board cards 8H,JS,4S,10H,QS ]
NickD209 bets $35.75 and is all-in, mishimact826 calls $12.05 and is all-in, Otto93 calls $35.75.

NickD209 shows [ QD,9S ]
mishimact826 shows [ AD,9C ]
Otto93 shows [ 5S,AS ]
Otto93 wins $47.35, Otto93 wins $37.20.

able Minsk,9 Jun 2005 2:35 AM ET

Seat5:are you in($14.05inchips)

rylew posts blind ($0.25), DNAWINK posts blind ($0.50).

lebowski25 folds, are you in folds, Otto93 calls $0.50, rylew calls $0.25, DNAWINK checks.

FLOP [board cards 5D,7C,8S ]
rylew checks, DNAWINK bets $0.50, Otto93 calls $0.50, rylew calls $0.50.

TURN [board cards 5D,7C,8S,JH ]
rylew checks, DNAWINK checks, Otto93 checks.

RIVER [board cards 5D,7C,8S,JH,2D ]
rylew bets $4, DNAWINK folds, Otto93 bets $8, rylew bets $8, Otto93 bets $60, rylew calls $54.60 and is all-in.

Otto93 shows [ 9H,10S ]
rylew mucks cards [ 9D,6S ]
Otto93 wins $1.40, Otto93 wins $134.20.

Table Uppsala,25 May 2005 1:52 AM ET


mico007 posts blind ($0.50), tiyim posts blind ($1).

Otto93 bets $4, Acextwo folds, mico007 calls $3.50, tiyim folds.

FLOP [board cards 5S,5C,3C ]
mico007 checks, Otto93 bets $6, mico007 bets $12, Otto93 bets $20, mico007 bets $28, Otto93 calls $14.

TURN [board cards 5S,5C,3C,JD ]
mico007 bets $55, Otto93 calls $55.

RIVER [board cards 5S,5C,3C,JD,KS ]
mico007 bets $0.25 and is all-in, Otto93 calls $0.25.

mico007 shows [ 7H,7S ]
Otto93 shows [ 10C,10H ]
Otto93 wins $197.50.

Table Louisville


Otto93 posts blind ($0.25), Jofosho posts blind ($0.50).

OU_JOEY calls $0.50, BigJim187 folds, geeclef58 folds, Otto93 calls $0.25, Jofosho checks.

FLOP [board cards JC,3C,3H ]
Otto93 checks, Jofosho checks, OU_JOEY bets $4, Otto93 bets $80, Jofosho folds, OU_JOEY calls $76.

TURN [board cards JC,3C,3H,QD ]
Otto93 bets $3, OU_JOEY calls $2.90 and is all-in.

RIVER [board cards JC,3C,3H,QD,7S ]

Otto93 shows [ 5H,3S ]
OU_JOEY mucks cards [ QC,4C ]
Otto93 wins $0.10, Otto93 wins $165.30.

Texas Hold’em $0.50-$0.50 NL(real

Table Moskau


saintfan1 posts blind ($0.25), Baluda posts blind ($0.50).

joray folds, Otto93 bets $2, rmcc folds, saintfan1 calls $1.75, Baluda calls $1.50.

FLOP [board cards 2D,4D,3S ]
saintfan1 checks, Baluda bets $5, Otto93 bets $15, saintfan1 calls $15, Baluda calls $10.

TURN [board cards 2D,4D,3S,10S ]
saintfan1 checks, Baluda checks, Otto93 bets $35, saintfan1 calls $31.50 and is all-in, Baluda calls $31.65 and is all-in.

RIVER [board cards 2D,4D,3S,10S,8C ]

Otto93 shows [ 10H,10D ]
saintfan1 mucks cards [ KD,9D ]
Baluda mucks cards [ JH,JD ]
Otto93 wins $3.35, Otto93 wins $0.30, Otto93 wins

Table Ogden


tylertylerty posts blind ($0.25), hattemaker posts blind ($0.50).

Otto93 bets $2, Cappy1961 folds, Bearcat47 bets $3.50, tylertylerty folds, hattemaker folds, Otto93 bets $9, Bearcat47 calls $7.50.

FLOP [board cards 4D,10D,JS ]
Otto93 bets $30, Bearcat47 calls $29.85 and is all-in.

TURN [board cards 4D,10D,JS,2S ]

RIVER [board cards 4D,10D,JS,2S,3S ]

Otto93 shows [ AC,AD ]
Bearcat47 mucks cards [ KS,AH ]
Otto93 wins $0.15, Otto93 wins $80.45.

Just so you don’t think we care, we don’t.

Then don’t open the fucking thread. Find someplace else to shit.

Dude, I’m not the one who just excreted a hundred lines of the most boring crap ever to grace MPSIMS.

It’s just barely conceivable that someone, somewhere might be interested in reading and sympathizing with your weekly tales of poker table beat downs. But I can’t imagine that your own * mother * could feign interest in a transcript of your poker playing sessions.

Hey, guys? You know what? I don’t even play Hold 'em online for money, and I open up every one of Otto’s threads and read them. All of them. I don’t think that there’s going to be any long-term effect of Otto writing stuff, and me reading it.

Otto, continue what you were saying, dear.

And yet you not only opened it at least twice, you continue to respond to a thread that you supposedly have no interest in! Now me, if a thread doesn’t interest me, I don’t open it once and I sure as hell don’t open it twice, thus I don’t waste even a moment of my life composing, typing and posting multiple replies with no purpose other than to declaim to all and sundry how supremely uninterested I am.

Hardly weekly, but wow, you seem to be keeping close tabs on something about which you claim to have no interest…

My mother probably wouldn’t be that interested, because my playing for money makes her nervous. Now my friends on the other hand, even those who don’t play poker, are either interested or at the very least feign sufficient interest to make me happy. But that’s probably because my friends aren’t the sort of assholes who plop into the middle of threads for no reason other than to shit on them. I wonder if your mother would be interested in your posts here?

If you don’t care, why bother posting to the thread to say anything? It’s a thread with a simple and obvious premise; coming in here to complain about something you don’t care about is simply looking for trouble.

It’s not brain science: you don’t like a thread because you feel it’s boring, then go elsewhere and play. What you shouldn’t do is act like a jerk in it. So, Finagle, go elsewhere and play.

Otto, I too enjoy most of your poker threads, but I will point out that you went all in with A-10o with 4 players to decide. Just sayin’

Otto, I enjoy reading poker threads, but I’m sure you know that chess is available as a game where idiots do get beaten. :cool: All the time. :slight_smile:

  1. e4 d5
  2. exd5 Qxd5
  3. Nc3 Qa5
  4. d4 Nc6
  5. d5 Nb4
  6. a3 Bf5
  7. axb4 Qxa1
  8. Bb5+ c6
  9. dxc6 a6
  10. cxb7+ axb5
  11. Nxb5 Resigns