GTA: San stores tomorrow!

Whoo hoo!

It’s 5 times bigger than Vice City. You can customize your dude…and you can finally effing SWIM this time!

I can’t wait. Who’s getting this thing tomorrow?

I am. The only question remaining for me is which other game to get along with it for $5 (i’m getting it at best buy).

You do realize that the release date is just part of a Bush administration plan to make you forget about election day, right Dio? :smiley:

I already voted. I’m ready baby! :cool:

Hooray for absentee ballots. I don’t have to leave the house for weeks!

well, except for that silly little “grad school” thing…

I got it this evening when they came in at a Gamestop (I just “preordered” it on Sunday). I’ve been playing for 6 hours at this point, and just stopped to check the SDMB to see if anyone else got it. :slight_smile:

First impression - by far the best in the series, standing head and shoulders over Vice City. I immediately like it more than I did VC, which is saying quite a lot. It looks gorgeous, sounds gorgeous (KILLER soundtrack), the acting is better, and everything looks and plays better.

The first time you get knocked over a bridge into the water during a high-speed police chase and SWIM FREE of your vehicle is a triumphant moment.

Other killer touches:

The ability to “respond” to pedestrian chatter (<- for positive response, -> for negative shit-talking)

Vastly-improved, non-clumsy hand-to-hand combat.

Great RPG-style stat system that builds and ebbs naturally (everything from “sex appeal” to respect, fat, muscle, strength…) depending on how you play the game.

Cool “blurring” when you’re driving in a fast car and max out the speed.

Wonderfully natural city and terrain design - as you leave a city, it naturally evolves into open country

Even better radio with great playlists and commercials.

The only negative touch is that when changing or purchasing clothes, it’s a bit tedious and slow, as your character disappears into the changing room, then appears and poses in the item before you can purchase or change into it. It’s a bit tedious and slow each time, but you’ll find yourself sticking with an outfit anyway.

My eyes hurt, but back to the game… :slight_smile:

I hate that it’s only available on PS2 right now, and not Xbox, but I’ll be buying it now anyway. I’m that weak. :slight_smile:

Only another 8 hours and I’m off work and buying it!

My wife and I were at the mall yesterday to order a quilt from Pottery Barn and we wandered into the EB where I found a couple things in the cast-off bin that might be fun. Then we had to wait in line for 15 mintues because they had started selling GTA. Since I’m about 5% done with GTA III, I figured I can wait for a while.


Is this due out for the X-Box anytime soon? How long do I have to wait?

If history repeats itself, at least six months to a year. No idea for sure though.

I can’t wait to grab a fast car and take a cruise out to the country. :smiley:

BTW I love the huge map they included. :eek:

Three more hours of work to go. And it’s my night to do dinner. :mad: Frozen pizza anyone? :smiley:

Well, I’m glad to hear it’s not just another re-hash of the same engine and now I"m actually considering purchasing it. I think I may just wait until the price drops and/or it comes out for PC. I already blew my gaming budget on Battlefront.

Gamespot gave it a 9.6, the highest rating I’ve seen in a very long time.


I’ve been playing it for a couple of hours now. I love the enhanced profanity. I’ve never seen a major console game before which includes the phrase “suck my motherfucking dick.” :smiley:

I just bought a copy during my lunch hour today. After reading freejooky’s and everyone else’s posts, I’m trying my best not to leave early to run home and play it.

I…I see a vision of myself. I’m…making a…a phone call. It’s a little fuzzy, but I get the feeling this is taking place tomorrow morning…

<cough…cough…> Yeah, hi boss. Yeah, I don’t <COUUUUUGH…hack>…sorry…I don’t think I’ll be making it in today. Yeah, really sick. Might be out the rest of the week <cough cough cough>…ok, thanks. Bye.

Im not a huge GTA fan but I picked this up anyway today. I like the atmosphere better than the other two. I’ve only played for like an hour but I do have one comment:


I havent played my PS2 in 9-12 months and it’s hard playing this game after playing so many games on my Xbox that support HD and progressive scan. The lines all look so choppy on here. Phone lines in particular

blah blah blah X-box. One killer app (“Fable”) in four years does not a killer system make, regardless of how powerful it is.

Back to San Andreas…

Bah, what it needs is to be on the PC, so I can play it at high resolution (higher than HDTV that the XBOX supports), with longer draw distances, and use a proper mouse/keyboard setup for shooting, rather than a clunky controller.

The thing that has really gotten my attention about San Andreas is the fact that it doesn’t feel like a GTA game. I have no desire to go and kill as many pedestrians as possible, or take out my rocket launcher and take on the police/FBI/Army. I really don’t wanna die or get caught by the police. The game also doesn’t feel like it was meant for these things, has anyone just taken out their Uzi and popped hookers yet? Feel a little weird at all?

Great game, HUGE HUGE map, great soundtrack. Awesome game. Feel bad for anyone expecting me at school the next couple of days.