A few GTA San Andreas (PC) questions.

Which mission gives you access to the next city after the first one?

How many missions (minimum) must be completed before that one?

Are there subtle perks to completing missions, such as new types of cars on the roads? (I know that after stealing the sound van from the beach party I stole a car which handled very well… I put it in my garage next to the modded low-rider.

Any tips on making money? These missions give me a miniscule blip on the respect meter and sod-all else. My brother suggested gambling (only saving the game when you win) but that seems like a very time-consuming way of making money. And I am not a gambler irl.

Any way to adjust the camera views? All the vehicular ones (except for cinema cam) are way too acute an angle and I keep having to reajust with the mouse, only to have the view fall back to the low angle.
Does progression in the game unlock more radio stations and/or tracks? Most of the stations are hip-hop or gangsta (whaa?) which is utterly and completely outside my liked-music spectrum. I preferred the stations in vice city and gtaIII.

GTA III let you import mp3s as a radio station, which I always did. Don’t know if San Andreas will do that, though.

To be honest, I didn’t even know they’d released San Andreas for PC, until I saw a patch that adds the sex scenes back into the game(!) Apparently the developers took them out but left all the necessary animations and stuff in, and someone found them.

sex scenes???
Are we talking hollywood (sheet movement, ciggy afterwards, James Bond) or the real stuff?

Based on the video and screenshots I saw, everything.

Here’s the link to the patch (one potentially NSFW thumbnail at the bottom of the page):


Mods, if the link’s a problem, I apologize.

I am assuming that most of the stuff for the PC version is the same as the X-Box (which I have and before modding). After completeting the Doberman mission:

It unlocked the gang territories in that if you kill enough gang members, you incite a gang war for the section of he city. It is a small block of the rival gangs area. You are attacked by three waves of rival gang members and if you defeat all of them, that section becomes yours (your gang roams the street and sometimes you have to protect it from a rival gang).

You will have the opertunity to kill a lot of rival gang members (see spoiler) and they usually leave a lot of money around. I collect it and now have over $100,000 just from that.

I have also noticed, in the X-Box version that is, there are 2 “drug dealers”. You can tell them apart from the other “citizens” because they will normally stop and stand there. Once you have identified their “skins” you can get a lot of money from them after you kill them. I think that buying drugs, like the sex mini-games, was also disabled because each time I walk up to them, they as me if I want “something” and it has the option of answering positively or negatively. It will not allow me to do either. So I just kill them and take the money.

The “drug dealers” may have been their before and I just did not notice them but it was after the Doberman mission that I started to see them around.