GTA Vice city - in the news, for a good reason.

And rightly so.


It’s nice when the masses make asses of critics.
(ok I am not sure if the BAFTAs are voted for by ‘the masses’. but it’s still nice)

I like 3 better.

VC is the same game, but with annoying music. Yeah…

VC has motorcycles. :slight_smile: heh

Cool that it won the awards too.

The music is almost the best part of the game. When I first got it, I would just drive around listening to the various radio stations.

The game is great on multiple levels which is why it did so well. Of course they sold lots of copies because you just can’t get another game where you live in a virtual world and can beat the piss out of old ladies and cops. They also managed to make it with a great soundtrack, good graphics, and decent gameplay. To be honest though I spend most of my time in that game playing out “end game” situations. :wink:

Personally, I like Chatterbox on 3. I would just drive around and listen to the Pets By Mail or whatever commercials and laugh my ass off.

Besides if i ever got tired of listening to the radio stations I could always listen to my own music mp3s. :slight_smile: I believe there was a hack for that for GTAIII but I never got around to trying it.

Being able to listen to “Angel of Death” while tearing around the city blowing stuff up…good times.

Hack? I believe it was built into the game. I am sure it was GTA III (for the PC) that I managed to listen to my own mp3s in)

hmmm, maybe I just had trouble getting it to work right. I know I had lot’s of trouble with that game when it first came out (PC version)…I probably just gave up on it and assumed it never really worked in GTAIII. I’m glad you were able to enjoy it though. :smiley:

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