GTA3/VC questions


I’ve been playing GTA3/VC, and for some reason I cannot go over 4 stars, no matter what I do. Is their something I need to achieve to do so? If so, what do I get when I achieve 5 or 6 stars? The biggest thing I’ve gotten for 4 were SWAT teams and Heliicopters, which I could only last a small while without cheats.

Also, what are some good spots/ideas for dealing a lot of carnage without having to worry about the 10 or so cop cars that seem to pull up at about 3 stars or so?

I have a feeling you have to get to a certain level in the game to get higher stars.
In GTA3 you get the army after you, in VC you get the FBI and the army.

And anywhere high up is good for dealing out carnage. Anyone who’s played GTA3 and/or VC for any length of time without going on a murderous rampage isn’t normal.

I believe in VC you cannot get the 5th star until after you do the stealing the tank from the military parade mission. When you get the 5th star the army comes after you with tanks and trucks full of army men, which you can steal and dump in your garage, which would sorta ruin the whole point of the stealing the tank mission.


Fine, I’ll ask it more coherently: Where are some good places to go on a rampage without worrying about cops OR helicopters.

… there aren’t any. The cops and the helicopters are the whole point.

If you really want to go on a rampage without the cops caring you have to use a cheat code.

A good place to camp is either under the bridge next to the radio station (I think it’s VCPR’s building) or on top of he condo (just get three stars, go the the rooftop then shoot down the helis).

A fun, but difficult, method is to load up of SMG ammo then use a motorcycle.

Of course, the easiest way is to use the Hunter (insert grinning “I’ve found all 100 packages” smilie here):p.

I usually pick up a rocket launcher (in the pool of the motel) then go on top of the building across from the biker hang out. Have a sniper rifle, start picking people off with head shots, and eventually the police show up. Start picking off the police, toss a couple grenades off the roof when the vice guys and FBI show up. When the helicopters start coming in take them out with the rocket launcher. If you do this long enough the tank and army trucks will show up. Toss a couple of grenades off the roof, and if you think you’ve killed most of them, then go steal one of the empty tanks.

I think the highest chase level (or whatever) is “international incident.” Some others that I know of are like “local news,” and “national news.”

In GTA III, you can’t get to the max star level until you reach the third island, IIRC. If you can find a covered area like a parking garage, that will shield you fromt he copters

It’s been a while since I played GTA3 so I can’t really remember the best places to camp out and create carnage, but for Vice City I always have luck in a couple places:

The second floor of Sunshine Autos. Shoot out the windows and just start picking off people and cars in the road below. You will eventually get the FBI and Army to show up, and you never have to worry about helicopters. Of course, helicopters are half the fun…

The deck of one of the ships in the port. Just run up the ramp, look out into the dockyard/road area and start wasting people. You do have to worry about choppers here, so make sure you’re packing a rocket launcher. Great place to steal tanks. If you have a sniper rifle, you can usually take out the tank drivers through their front windows.

The low roof right next to the gate entrance to the docks. It’s a little triangular flat roof to the right of the gate if you are heading south down the main road. You can get up there by parking a Packer (those trucks with the ramps on the back) and jumping from the Packer’s ramp to the roof. I like to take a headhsot on a truck driver and stop his truck right below me, then watch the traffic back up behind him. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Eventually the helicopters show up and you can spew mayhem to your heart’s content.

I eventually got to the point where I couldn’t fit anymore tanks in any of my garages.

One word of advice though: I strongly recommend getting as many hidden packages as you can. Once you get enough to spawn the rocket launcher at your hideout(s), your chances of surviving the helicopters improve dramatically. Throughout the course of the game you usually wind up at your hideout a bunch of times, so before you know it you have rockets by the dozens.