Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Teaser


Ahem, what I meant to say was that this looks like an entertaining work of cinema and I look forward to seeing it at my first opportune time.


Do you need a hug?

Is Star Lord human or is he dancer?

That makes me cautiously optimistic that the spirit and sense of fun of the original is intact.

Squee indeed. This and the Rogue One trailer releases have made me make happy squirrel noises all week.
And how cute is baby Groot in his teeny-tiny outfit?

Setup to be a failure IMO. The first one did not take itself seriously and told a dumb but enjoyable story. This one is constrained by the expectations of the first. You can’t be spontaneous and quirky on demand.

It looks like a fun follow up.

Is it just me or does Drax/Dave Bautista look like a Zika baby?



Also, I didn’t ask for a hug… :smiley: Does happy dance:
I’m kind of hoping the characters experience growth and don’t get stuck in The Simpson’s schtick.

Yeah, I don’t think much of your opinion.

He’s half human, which would make him half a dancer. :smiley:

Is wee-Groot wearing a mini-Star Lord jacket?


Normally, people expressing this thought would say the first film is a tough act to follow not that it’s setup to be a failure.

The walking tree.

I was actually referring to this.

You got me on that one. :smack:

C,mon Man. STARLORD! :slight_smile:

Oh! That guy? I remember him. I got his dick message one day.

He’ll always be “man who has lain with an Aaskvarian” to me.

Yeah, the first one is a tough act to follow, but honestly: If the sequel is half as fun as the first one was, it’ll still be well worth the ticket price.