Guess I won't watch that one....

This weekend my dad came up, and we went to go watch a movie Saturday evening. It was six and the only movie that was showing was Hannibal. Neither of us really wanted to see it, but we wanted to see a movie.

The movie started at 5:55, and we got into the theatre at 6:05. No biggie, we’d miss some previews. The ticket taker, whose name is Cookie, rips our tickets and begrudgingly points in a direction when we ask where it’s playing. There are 16 screens, and God forbid you start walking in the wrong direction. It’ll take you 5 minutes to get to the other side. Anyway… we get in and the movie’s already started. My dad and I finally find some seats, the place is croweded!

Things happen (disgusting, which is even worse coming from me) and then 45 mins into it, the credits roll. We look at each other like, Wha? The two screens showing the movie were side by side. She pointed to the left, we were supposed to go to the right. Movie ruined. We talk to management, and they gave us passes that are good anytime, which was what I expected, but the fact that that happened was pretty crappy in my opinion.