Guess That Scent! Why does my car smell like tuna?

Well over the past few days I’ve started to notice a smell in my car. As I don’t clean my car out very often, the smell grew stronger until I finally realized what it resembled. Tuna. I’m not a big fan of tuna, although I don’t particularly dislike the smell. Anyways, upon further investigation I believe I found what three smells combined to create this smell. But I’m not going to tell until somebody guesses all three.

Hint: There was no tuna in my car.

Do you park your car in a place frequented by prostitutes?

Let me clarify how to play the game. Just guess three items/incidents that combined to guess the smell. So you still have two more to guess. (although I may park have parked my car in a place frequented by prostitutes)

Whoops, that should have said: “although I may have parked my car…”

Old dirty socks, a leaking bottle of brake fluid, and some old french fries?

That’s what you get for leaving yourself logged in at work, Sissy.

Umm, magazine sample of some stinky perfume, leaking engine fumes of some kind, and some forgotten vanilla malt in a cup under the seat?

You accidently left your window down and it rained?

(Hey, I did it a couple days in a row, with my NEW car, and it smelt musty/fishy the next day. Thankfully it aired out.)

Thus far nobody has guessed a single component in the equation that equals Tuna Smell. Here’s a hint: One of the items that contributed to the smell was cheesy.

A half-finished carton of cottage cheese from when you ate lunch on the run, A bottle of mousse from when you fixing yourself up on the run, and an old jog-bra from when you came back from a run?

Alphabet cereal, a mall santa, and a dehydrated dog.

Shoe polish, a dog’s chew toy, and the remains of a Happy Meal.

When I go jogging, like most guys, I don’t wear a bra. One of the components that added to the smell is ILLEGAL

Ummm, are you SURE you don’t wear a jog bra?

OK, let me try this: A mostly-eaten snack sized bag of Cheez-Its, your toenail clippings and a VHS copy of Gigli.

(Well, I heard that Gigli stunk, but like tuna?)

Ohh! Ohhh! Ohhh! I know! Pot!!!

Tikki has guessed one component! And fingernail clippings may very well have contributed to the smell, now that I think about it. But it’s not what I originally suspected. Next Hint: Another thing that contributed to the smell is something found often at places where Adam Sandler picks up women (in a movie + in a skit on a cd)

Pot, old beer cans, and a moldy slice of pizza?

Pot, a shampoo bottle, and taco bell wrappers.

Karnak reads the envelope
Name three random things to make Ed laugh uproariously…

I like the “taco bell wrappers” guess, so I’m going to include it with:

Pot, taco bell wrappers, and cat barf.