Guess the book II

Eons ago I started a thread where people had to guess a book (or whatever) from a passage. Ever since Cafe Society started up i’ve been meaning to start another (more organised) thread so here goes.


1 Only one game at a time. Otherwise it just gets confusing.

2 The person who guesses correctly gets to post a new passage, but must wait for confirmation that their guess is correct before they start. Unless, that is, they are 100% completely entirely positively sure that they are right, in which case they must be prepared to hang their head in shame when they turn out to be wrong.

3 You are allowed to edit out names or anything else within reason that makes it too obvious.

4 Use common sense, basically. Give clues when needed/requested etc.

5 er…thats it. can’t think of any more rules at the moment.

So, here’s my passage:

um…no idea…something with an elf on the cover i guess

seriously, does no one know this?

Not I.