Guess the Doper's age

New game time! What you have to do: either use what you know about the last poster in the thread, or look at their previous posts, and try to guess how old they are from the content.

Everyone should include their age in a spoiler box, and no cheating! If you happen to know how old the poster is, just wait for someone else. And if you happen across a post that says explicitly old they are while searching their posts, wait for someone else to post.

I’ll start things off:

I’m Twenty-two

Please remind me how to make a spoiler box - I can’t remember how, and I forgot where to look. My memory ain’t what it used to be…

…but at least I don’t have hot flashes. Yet.

YaWanna: 48, at the most.

You know what I miss? Breakdancing. Breakdancing was fun.

Oh, my back.

Askia: I’m guessing…36.

And you were a bit on the high side. I can’t remember what happened the month & year I was born, but everyone older than me sure does…

42…until November. :smiley:

To the OP Dude, your birth date is in your profile.YaWanna, I’m guessing 42, and I was in the fourth grade.I’m 52.

Hmmm… Crotalus… I’d guess around… 41?

As for me, well hell. I think I’ve mentioned my age in a dozen threads. But I’d be interested in what someone who didn’t know would guess.

No peeking…

I’m 27.

Damn.** YaWanna**, you were off by a whole 10 months. Freaky.

Yeah, I knew that “hot flashes” comment meant you were likely in your forties. Adding “Yet” made me think you might be near your fifties.

Anastasaeon - You’re low for me. I was in the fourth grade when YaWanna’s clue took place, if I’m guessing right about her clue. From reading your posts over the past year, I’ve formed the impression that you’re in your mid-twenties. I’ll go with a guess of 26.

Crotalus, I’ll take your clue and wager a guess of forty-five.

I’m a twenty-something at heart, but my chronological age is:


silver1 - I guessed from your “twenty-something at heart” comment that you are in your late 30s. Then I searched up your old posts and at the top was your age in all its unspoilerboxed glory. So I guess that screwed up my game a little bit. So if you’re going to do post searches, people, make sure you scroll down a bit before looking at the screen.

Me, I’m 17.

silver1, I’m gonna guess 38.

I could tell you who sat in front of me when the Challenger exploded. I watched as a President got shot, but to tell you who it was would give away my age.

Sgt Schwartz

I am 38

Well, I’ve lasted longer than the president’s son that was born the same day I was. I’m


Sarge, I’m going to guess 35.

As for myself, I remember the Challenger, yet I still wear footie pajamas to bed. :slight_smile:

30 years, 1 month, 3 weeks, and 1 day.

Drae is a respectable 30. I think. As for me, think blackjack, also known as …


too easy - 21

Me, I’m the same age as a Spanish liquer


Spatial Rift, I’m guessing 21.
I missed seeing one President get shot by about a year.
I saw another President get shot at.
I saw yet another President get shot.

I’m 41

Too easy, Ethilrist. 45. And I’m thinking YaWanna’s clue involved the guy who became president two months after you were born, which is why I think she’s 42.

This is weirdly inticing. I was born on a rather eventful day, to which Holden Caulfield is a vague but decent clue…

March 30th, 1981. The day Reagan got shot. I think Bobby Knight & Indiana won the NCAAs as well. Anyway, that makes me 24.

Birdmonster - I guess 24.
I was born on the day Iraq’s nuclear program was dealt a major blow.


Gabe: We all know that happened in '02, when we invaded & dismantled their massive arsenal. You are one precocious toddler, my friend.