The guess the Doper's age thread

OK so does anyone else want to know how old other people think he/she looks? I think it’s sort of impossible to be objective about oneself – and I’d like to know what the (brutally) honest Dopers would say. It’s not that big of a deal, but my husband is younger than I am and he looks even younger than he is (very unfair), so sometimes I get nervous that in ten years I’ll be way ahead of him. As I was thinking about it, I thought maybe it would be fun to make a game out of it – you post your picture and people give honest answers about how old they think you are – without any of that guessing young BS and stuff. No fair if you already know how old someone is and no fair looking for clues in other threads. If you don’t want to post your picture, you can just guess the age of the people who do post theirs. Who’s in?
Here I am:

Honestly, I’d guess somewhere around 38.

I can’t seem to find a picture that I think actually looks like me, so I’ll post a few.

March 2006
July 2007
November 2007

I’m also pretty sensitive about how old people perceive me to be. Great idea!

This was taken a month ago: I’m the one on the right.

I’m gonna guess 25?

Here is my picture.

SSG Schwartz

This is too easy. Way too easy.

What would be vastly more interesting is guessing the poster’s age by their writing - e.g. their style, pop culture references, interests, and such.

It’s cheating if you actually find a poster saying how old they are (which I have, for instance.)

I was taught never to comment on a lady’s years or mileage.

Hmm, you started this thread so I’ll be honest… 50.

(Although the “Pls help im very ded n i need hlp” is rather disturbing.)

You’re actually rather attractive, I’m putting you on my list of DIFSBTP (Dopers I follow simply because they’re pretty). 26, My age as well.

Ummm… 24, bad photot to judge though.

Okay, which one are you though? If you’re the passed out Santa I’d say you’re probably invincible, and have been hanging around for at least a couple millenia.

If you’re the dude on top (and I say “dude” with severe sincerity) then… 32.

I am the dude on Santa’s lap and your guess is more several years off.

SSG Schwartz

Here’s me from exactly two months ago.

Hey tesseract, how’s the post-op coming?

Not the most recent picture of me but the one I find least objectionable from, I think, August.

I’ve posted my age, or given clues (“I graduated in ----” etc.), plenty of times on the SDMB, but I’m not a well-known poster so I thought I’d ask for guesses anyway. The photo was taken last week.

I say 28 or so, my wife thinks about 33. She’s generally better at this sort of thing, though, so I’ll defer to her judgement. ETA: This is all working under the assumption that you’re the dude.

Here’s me, modeling my new jacket on Christmas morn.

Oops…we’re supposed to do some guessing, aren’t we?

Helen’s Eidolon is 30. ErinPuff is 21. SSG Schwartz is 35. Robot Arm is 27. And while I don’t know if Aesiron is the friendly guy or the hot chick, I’ll guess 25 either way.

Of course all my guesses are wrong, but still you’re all beautiful.

Here’s the most recent picture of me, from sometime this summerish.

What the hell. From 3 weeks ago.

No fair guessing if you already know!

Drain Bead, you’re going on the list. (31)

Hockey Monkey, you’re a chick? I don’t know why but I’ve always thought otherwise. (34)

Aesiron is either the world’s greatest Kevin Smith impersonator or a blond chick with a nice rack. (28. or 30)
-bbs2k, resident blatantly honest fellow.

Drain Bead, I am guessing 28
Hockey Monkey, for some reason I thought you were a dude. But now I know that you are a 35 years old female
E.Thorpe, 19
Aesiron you must be the guy, so I will guess 32

bbs2k, is that the list or in the bank to which you refer. Mamy Dopers have found their way into the SSG Schwartz bank.
SSG Schwartz

My age is very easy to find out, but here is a picture of me from just this Christmas anyhow.

Wow, Drain Bead, you are pretty hot. Hey, did I mention I’m from Chillicothe? :smiley:

Oh, and I’d guess 27