Guess the Freakish Face Bump

So for about a week I’ve had a small bump on the side of my face. At first I thought it was a mosquito bite, then it was a little bigger. Its hard, about the size of a dime. It seems to have a pore right in the center like a pimple would have. It’s maybe 3mm higher than the rest of my skin, hard, but not sore. It’s a little redder/briused than the rest of my skin. I lanced it yesterday and drained a lot of puss out (It kinda smelt like parmesian cheese? The Kraft green tube stuff). It’s a lot smaller/softer today. So whadda you guys think it is? (Not asking for medical advice, just curious what you think:)
My guesses:
Ingrown Hair
Spider Bite (But only 1 “fang” mark???)
Freaky Ingrown Pimple
Tooth Abscess

subaceaous (sp?) cyst, I think…I had on my back, right behind my arm, and I was at the doc’s for something else, and asked what it was. I actually left mine alone until it was about the size of a grape :slight_smile:

That was some damn satisfying squeezin’, let me tell you!

It sounds like what you described was exactly like I had, except on your face. From what I understand, it’s basically just a very, very clogged pore.

Yay!Delight for all us zit fetishists…do we have pictures too? :confused:

The net has something for everyone-

zit lovers community

Just a warning the term “TMI” does not really do justice to this link. It’s different.

It’s not a spider bite. I’ve had 3 in the past 4 years. They get a brownish crusty substance on the surface. The doctor said this is called “honey crusting”. I haven’t been able to eat a Honey Baked ham ever since.

I just have to say that feel so bad for the people in these pictures. I can’t imagine having acne that bad. It’s so yucky! :frowning: