Guess the next 5 comic strips to get a US postage stamp

They’ve been announced, and I’ll let on in a while.

Peanuts, of course, already has one.

Here are the 20 previous strips on the last special stamp sheet.

So of these 15 I’ve listed in the poll, which 5 (without googling) would you guess are being added to the club?

I really want 4 of the 5 I voted for. Then I got stuck. I guess Dennis the Menace will probably get it. **Doonesbury **deserves it, but it commits the sin of having a political viewpoint.

If they’re released on a single sheet, Pogo’s going to look weird next to all the others.

I went with (mostly) the old fart strips - Pogo, Beetle Bailey, Dennis the Menace, and Archie, with the modern Garfield as well. Didn’t Dilbert and Zippy have stamps already?


I got three.

Calvin and Hobbes!? Awesome. I wonder why Watterson’s allowing this.

Where did you find the results? I googled after I voted, but can’t find the list…

Look at July

I already know which five are being honored, so I won’t vote- but putting Pogo as one of the choices was an interesting decision, as Pogo was supposed to to be honored on the 1995 Comic Strip Classics sheet but was replaced by Brenda Starr after it was realized there were no female-drawn comics represented. Pogo isn’t my cup of tea, but as well-known American characters and political satire, I certainly think it deserves to be honored with a stamp sometime in the future.

I think Brenda Starr also got a push because some people were saying that all the other honorees were dead and it would be nice to honor Dale Messick while she was still alive.

OK, so I got 4/5. I am surprised at the 5th. Very much.


I knew I should have picked Dennis the Menace, but I just hate that comic so much, I couldn’t clear my head enough to predict it. Calvin and Hobbes is a bit recent and didn’t actually last very long, I’m surprised it got picked. Unfortunately, nobody knows who Pogo is anymore. (Yay, I’m too young for something!) I only know because my dad had a book lying round. I didn’t get it.