Guess what handsome mayoral candidate was at my Metro stop today

The oft fedoraed Adrian Fenty. I only saw him from behind - I was rushing to work. Why, with the District’s high female:male ratio, he just might win on looks alone.

It’s a shame, though, that I just finished reading a novel about an attractive young politicion who also decided to run for mayor of a major city while currently in office as an alderman. And he also shaved his head to coincide with his balding. Later, he was found to be deeply invovled in the city’s criminal underworld, and eventually hired an engineer to build murderous robots with which to conquor the world. And that man’s name was:

Lex Luthor!

Rudy Giuliani?

Well, I was close.

Cool. About an hour ago, I was walking through a Starbucks and bumped into one of my city councilmembers having a chat with the local shoe-in candidate for state senate.

He looks a bit like Vin Diesel. I can see why the women like him!

Can I play? I once rode 4 floors up in an elevator with Linus Pauley.

…I once rode 11 floors down with the late Sam Walton. I was staying in the hotel in which I worked and was dressed in fishing garb. He proceeded to his old pick-up truck for a day fishing. Quite an oridinary man.


:smack: HE was staying…

I will preview my posts. I will preview my posts. I will preview my posts…(x500)



Hm, sure it wasn’t me, sugar?

Did you rub his head?

If I ever see him I’ll tell him he gets my vote if I can rub his head. It’s so shiny!

Then I’ll tell him I live in Maryland! Ha!


Did you mean Linus Pauling?

Absolutely, and I previewed too. What a maroon.