Guess what THIS veteran is doing this Veteran's Day

Staying in, so the 93% of his fellow Americans who DIDN’T serve can crowd into every conceivable retailer to cash in on the holiday sales he gave a portion of his life away to secure. God Bless America, The West, and capitalism. And happy 100th anniversary of the end of the first war to end all wars. Glad to see military service means something in this wicked world.

Drafted, huh? That must have been rough.

I remember the one time that I went to buy something on V-day. The ad said 20% off for all veterans with ID card. So I went and told the salesman what I wanted, but when I showed him my retired ID card, he said “Oh, sorry, it only applies to active duty.” A pretty safe sale to have in a city where there are no military bases within a hundred miles or more, and a pretty sleazy tactic, as well. So I told him to stick it up his ass and I left.

On the plus side, the local New Seasons grocery chain gives a veteran discount of 10% every Tuesday, active or retired.

I’m sure it was for the fellows who got drafted to die in WWI & WWI & Korea & Vietnam. I really can’t think of a better way to memorialize those whose lives were stolen by their governments than to hawk products created by Chinese slaves at pretend discount prices because Veterans! Thank the gollies for the volunteers and draftees, now get out there and fight each other for some retail crap! Praise the vets and the glorious dead and the endless wars…aw fuck that, too depressing, go shopping instead!

Am I crazy, or does it seem a little weird to call active duty folks “veterans” in the first place? I mean, I can see how it’d be technically accurate, but that definitely feels misleading to me.

I recently saw a gym or something that has a discount for COMBAT veterans. I think that’s a good way to go.

How the hell does somebody prove that he is a combat veteran? In some cases, with a DD214 in hand, you could show you were stationed in a combat zone, but not always. A duty assignment of 3rd Marine Division says nothing about where you were.

I don’t shop. I watch Formula One, play with my dogs and drink beer.

You mad at me, Bro?

I don’t shop on Presidents Day, either, to show the proper respect for the illustrious Washington and Lincoln.

As a matter of fact, I don’t shop much at all.

For the first time in several years, I am not spending this day shagging phone calls on the Veterans Crisis Line[sup]*[/sup]. I’m sad about this, honestly, because it was the best way I know to contribute my love, time, and ability to veterans and victims of the American War Machine.

Inigo, Chef, drop, Tank, Doors, and all the other vet Dopers, you have my love and gratitude. I ain’t shopping today.
[Sup]*[/sup]1-800-273-8255, press 1

(bolding mine) I’m not familiar with this use of “shagging.” If it’s not a typo, then I’d like to know its meaning and usage. I can guess from context a bit, but I suspect there’s more to it.

And if it is a typo or autocorrect, I’m curious what word you meant. ’

As for the OP: I’ve never done anything commercial on Veteran’s Day. It wouldn’t occur to me to go looking for that stuff. I’m gonna have any flowers and such ahead of time.

I do wish we had the more somber traditions of other countries, though. Pausing on the road to remember? Sounds nice and respectful.

Term taken from baseball:

They meant that they’re in a call center ‘catching’ the next call up on the trunk line. Perfectly cromulent usage of the term. I’ve also heard it used at a tennis camp/class, golf course driving range, and a tech support center, etc.

Well I stayed in also. But the sales don’t bother me.

Much obliged, Zakalwe!

Hey, I thought it was tomorrow we were supposed to shop! Since it’s the Federal holiday and all.

The Firebug and I ran some errands today, wasn’t a heavy shopper though, just this and that.

Tried to decide whether we’ve gotten any wiser since November 11, 1918. Too soon to tell, I guess.

Thank you doper vets for your service. I appreciate it.
Tomorrow, I’ll fly my flag and I’ll take flowers to Daddy’s grave. That’s about it. I ain’t shopping. I got enough of that crap to do on a regular day.

I stayed home too. I drank coffee and played Warcraft. It was very relaxing.

I vote that we have not. Sobering thought.

Not a veteran myself — a pacifist, temperamentally at least. I spent a big chunk of my day revisiting the poetry of Siegfried Sassoon.

There are much better WWI poets — Owen was a friend of his — but Sassoon exemplifies the transition from 19th to 20th century to me. Traditional forms used to savage his military and cultural traditions. And a pretty funny poet, when he tried.

All this is a roundabout way of saying

  1. I wish we still called it Armistice Day
  2. thank you for your service — all of y’all who served.

My wife is South Korean and she finds it rather amusing that we call anyone who served in the military a veteran. In her country, only people who’ve been in combat are veterans.