Guess who got hit by car?

About ten minutes ago.

Also in the past year or so been in a fire, been to the ER twice, been mugged twice, lost my job, cat died…for starts. If I get hit by lightning ( And I believe I hear thunder) I’ll have BINGO.

What do I win?

A mauling by shark. Not the best prize, but we didn’t have much time.

So – how much did you damage the car?

(Obviously, you are yourself indestructible, so I won’t bother asking how you are).

Could I choose what’s behind door number three? Oh, that’s where you keep the plauge and the locucts? Darn.

Sheesh. It always sends a shiver down my spine when I hear of people getting mugged nowadays. It seems like such an anachronistic act to me. Being hit by a car I can deal with…as long as I live that is, but I don’t want to accept that we haven’t risen above muggings. Delusional? Me? no.

Yes, my suffering is eternal…

Are you Rasputin?

No, she’s Vigo the Carpathian.

bete I’m glad you’re well enough to let us know you were hit by a car.
Sex subjects on the Dope wouldn’t be the same without you… :smiley:

<–Also glad you are able to tell us all about it. Hope all that has been damaged is repairable, too.

Yes :eek: <------Rasputin eyes. You are now in my power.
Thanks for the kind/sarcastic words. It wasn’t that bad. Just that now that I moved to one of the most anti-bipedal states in an anti-bipedal nation I’ve been worrying about getting run over every time I go out…no sidewalks, no crosswalks etc. I just decided to not go worrying about it when…well I’m trying to get back from the grocery, thru the circle (which is bad enough for the multi-weeled folks) and traffic is going one way so I figure traffic won’t be entering the circle for a few precious seconds. She didn’t see it that way.

It’s quite a surprise to actually get hit by a car.

But I only ended up with a knee swollen up like a giant beet. And one more check on my score card.

And the lightning didn’t get me last night. But I think it’s still looking for me.

Well that’s because you live in the placid region.