Guess who just saw the Mozzer in concert!

Great show. I’ve been wanting to see Morrissey for years. Super loud, tight balls-out rock 'n roll band. He opened with “Panic.” “Panic on the streets of Birmingham…” was a nice touch, I thought, since this is Birmingham, Alabama.

It was eerily like watching Quentin Tarantino rock the stage, though.

Please explain.

He looks very much like Quentin Tarantino these days. :slight_smile:

I saw him in Miami in 2004, on the You Are the Quarry tour, and I was very impressed with his stage presence, showmanship, and general sense of fun and graciousness. I didn’t discover the Smiths until long after they broke up, but I’ve been a Morrissey fan ever since, and I was pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t a misanthropic mope on stage like I was expecting.

Quentin Tarantino? What on earth, only if he’s lost about 80 pounds since Ruisrock in Finland last summer. Awesome show, by the way, was dancing with a truly 'purdy Finnish girl to the tunes of Mr. Shankly and the finish was a real killer - How Soon Is Now is the song I want played in my funeral. Live, it was . . . fantastic.

The Smiths always had an unfair reputation outside the fanbase as being bedroom miserablists, but quite honestly they were one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen. Totally rocked it, every night.