Guess who's back?

Well I’m back

…from a long vacation (…more like a marathon!)

I went to 4 states (Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon).

8 days ago I flew from Central Virginia (where I live) to Spokane Washington, making flight connections in Chicago, and Denver. I flew on the triple 7 (777) from CHICAGO to DENVER. Nice plane!

…My mom and I flew into Spokane to meet my dad (who flew in from work).

We drove to Glacier Park in Montana. On the way there, we saw a bunch of forest fires in Idaho and Montana (Smokey-the-Bear would be pissed).

We spent three days in Glacier and I can hardly describe the beauty of it. It is truly an awesome place. If you haven’t been there–then, go there. It is an incredibly awesome, majestic park-----and, not crowded. Very cool. Also when we were hiking there we saw a Grizzly Bear about 20 yards away from us. Wish I had my camera for that.

Then we drove to the house where my parents lived 20 years ago (in Kennewick). I didn’t remember it because I was one year old at the time they moved to California. After driving to the house, we went up to it and hung out with the people that now live there. And the people there were a pretty cool. They showed us around and we all talked for hours. The funniest moment had to be my dad pointing out the bedroom where I was conceived. :rolleyes: He’s like, “This is where you were born, your mother and I were drinking champagne one night and…” The people that lived in the house were chuckling. After seeing the house we went a lil around the tri-cities.

Then we went to Mount Rainier. Only got to see the mountain for about a half hour when there was a break in the clouds.

The next day we went to Mount Saint Helens. It was amazing to see the huge blown over forests from 20 years ago. Still looks like a war zone. The part that sucked was it was dark and cloudy and we couldn’t really see Helens. Oh well, I will have to see it someday–and I vow to climb it and look into the crater.

The next and last day we went to Dry Falls and the Grand Coulee. Another amazing thing to see!

Well that was my past 8 days, and we stayed in 8 different hotels, drove 1,300 miles and I was jumping on planes all last night to Wash D.C. then a two hour drive to my house and here I am. Whew! Well I took about 300 pictures. I’ll make a web page with the best shots sometime and give a link.

Well anyways, I’m back,

so have I missed anything?

Michael Masterson?

good to have you back Silo!!

Yes. Of course you missed things.Big things. Important things. Life-changing events. And being in an asshole mood I’m not going to tell you.

Welcome back.

Hey…welcome back.
Yes, you did miss quite a bit.

I’m the ruler of the free world.

Dopers sign over their cheques to me…always, no exceptions.

andygirl is going to marry me.

JohnLarrigan is a seedy lech.

CheifScott is in US waters…I think.

A lot of Dopers gag when they brush their teeth.
Now yer all caught up.

Welcome back, dude! You going to Norfolk?

SOunds like a cool trip. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

Welcome back Mike.

I woke up about 20 minutes ago so my brain is a little fuzzy at the moment.

Not much too Earth shattering happened here while you were gone. Just the normal stuff really.

If you need help with posting your pics let me know :slight_smile:

Man, I would if I could but I’m gonna be pretty busy the next week. I just got back and have lots of stuff to do. And school just started too. However I am committed to the Vegas dopefest which is a lil less than 2 weeks off. I’ll try and make the next (mid-atlantic) gathering k. :wink: