Guess y'all are waitin' for us goofy Floridians to get off our butts...

To cite GolfWidow, I was really shocked about the whole Presidential election hangin’ on our asylum of good ol’ boys, Parrotheads, beach bums, ex-Yankee expatriates, and slow-motion blue hairs. Kinda frightening isn’t it? No major world event should depend on Florida as a major focal point.

Almost got thrown out of my precinct voting place with my eldest son running amok and snatching a stack of valid blank ballots from the desk. After scattering a bag of M&Ms all over the voting area floor, it’s amazing that I wasn’t asked to leave. I didn’t even feel like voting, but I’m glad I did. My humble Floridian vote has got both Gore and Bush salivating over our state like rabid dogs.

Sorta bummed out now that I voted for Xena the Warrior Princess as a write-in. :smiley: