Guild Wars versus WoW dance video

I did a cursory search for “Guild Wars vs. Worlds of Warcraft” and came up empty, so am going ahead and posting this for the various fans of both games to see. WoW vs. Guild Wars. Here is the pre-danceoff festivities on the Guild Wars side, Simply En Fuego. The male and female warriors in Guild Wars do the Pulp Fiction dance, the male and female monks do martial arts katas, the male assassins do the robot, male ritualists do Napoleon Dynamite’s dance, female necromancers do the Thriller dance, male necromancers headbang, and jump around, male and female mesmers do the Riverdance, male and female rangers breakdance. I am not sure of the origins of the ones I did not mention. Female ritualists are well worth watching though, their dance suits the class well. I am including links to some other videos that show these classes dancing, some of them took a lot of effort to make. I hope you enjoy them.

Guild Wars Dance Spectacular is really cool. This one shows all of the Prophecies chapter classes and genders. The order of classes/genders is: Male elementalist, Male warrior, Female necromancer, Male ranger, Male Mesmer, Female monk, Male necromancer, Female warrior, Female assassin, Male ritualist, Male monk, Female ranger, Female ritualist, Male assassin, Female mesmer, Female elementalist, Female warrior, Male ritualist.

Guild Wars Dance: INC-Frosty’s Dance Video 6 is very nice as well, and more recent. (It took a lot of work too.) It has large groups of the same classes synced up dancing. The classes in order in this one are: Female ritualist, Male Warrior, Female necromancer, Male warrior, Male ranger, Female ranger, Male monk, Female necromancer, Female assassin, Female ritualist, Female monk, Male ritualist, Male assassin, Male ranger, Male monk, Female ranger, Female monk, Female ritualist, Male ritualist, Male warrior, Female necromancer, Female mesmer (heart shape), Female assassin solo, (This solo has a bullet time style moment.) Male ranger, Male assassin, Female assassin (group), Female assassin solo, Male monk, F ranger/M monk(sky), Female necromancer, Male ritualist, Male ranger, Female monk, Female ranger, Male monk, and Female ranger.

Finally, a comedy Guild Wars video Just Lose It.

Are there any new WoW dance/comedy videos out? I’ve seen The Internet is for Porn, and Leeroy Jenkins.

Big Blue Dress - actually an original song written and sung by the player whose mage is the main character of the video. Too funny…

bump No one knows of any other funny WoW videos? :confused:

Well, the funniest WoW video I’ve seen has to be World of Warcraft is a Feeling. (YouTube link, if that is a problem for anyone.)

“I can’t wait to log in, hop on a griffin…”

Dwarves Can’t Dance

The Internet is for Porn