Guiliani starting to get nervous? asking Trump about a pre-emptive pardon

Hmm. Rudy may be starting to look ahead and thinking “Oh-oh”?

He denied it.

And we all know he only speaks truth. Okay, seriously, I’m not surprised. It’s probably not even illegal, although it’s unseemly. Can we get him on state charges?

And another story. Purely unrelated, I assume.

But then there’s this:


This issue may be worth following…

I’m following this story on MSNBC and they are being very careful to say the visible information they have access to (from heavily redacted court records) doesn’t necessarily make it clear that Trump is who is underneath the black bars but having said that… I don’t think it’s the White House Janitor selling pardons.

News item I saw somewhere: Some GOP group under investigation for selling 2 counterfeit red MAGA caps with Trump’s signature (forged) on them. Maybe these same people are selling forged pardons now?

That’d be a cheap scam! I mean, a dozen monkeys with Sharpies and Parkinson’s…