Guinness, Dope & Sickness at Altitude! ColoraDope Fest

When: St. Patrick’s Day, 2005
Where: Fado. I’m thinking the huge booth in the back to the far right (unless they’ve rearranged the furniture).
How: Take the day off, Fado opens at 9:am and they serve food. Well, it’s Irish food, but it fills the gut.

I’m in, but not 'till evening. My day is already spoken for.

Coloradoans, where are you?

I’m 19. Is Fado’s 21+ strictly, or is food still available?

What day is St. Patrick’s day?

Dunno. I’ve never been there. Inigo?

Thursday, March 17th.

After 7pm it’s 21 & over. Up til then it’s a Family establishment.


I would be in for the evening, too.

Hell, I’ve lived here over two years and have yet to meet any CO dopers!

Wish I could join you… a client of mine has asked me to help her with an event, and it’s going to suck up my entire afternoon/evening :frowning:

But… B.E.E.R.
and… (straight)D.O.P.E.

Yeah, I’d be down. I’ll drive back up to Boulder after they kick the fry-munchin’ bums out so that I can do my underage drinking in a safer and more responsible manner up on The Hill!

I love liquor laws…

But yes, back on topic, excellent idea.

You might want to check with Fado on their plans. Sometimes they go full-booze 21 only for Paddy’s day because it’s a huge drunk fest for them. I know they did when it was a Saturday, but I don’t know what they do on a weekday,

It sounds plenty of fun to me. I don’t really know many of you coloradopers from the SD itself since I’ve been mainly a lurker until very recently, but I’m willing to make an appearance.


I’m definitely in, but with a bit more moderation (ran myself out of vacation time trying to save my marriage :smack: ).

I plan on being there by 2: pm, I’ll try & keep a decent sized table. I may have to bring along a Scotsman I know to help out. How do Dopers recognize each other at these events? Is there some kind of code? or is this where I say that:

I’m the drunk guy in the White Thermal Long Sleeved Shirt under the Green Guinness T-Shirt, about 5’6" 170# with a battle scar on his chin. You know, the guy who looks like an Irishman. :smiley:

Ooo, a Colorado Dopefest! Unfortunately I can’t take off early from work that day, but I can sure put in an appearance around 6ish or so.

I can also offer myself up as the designated driver, since I don’t drink :slight_smile:

So…do you just walk into the bar and ask, “Who’s a doper here?”

That’d be popular . . .

It’s a pretty big bar…I know! I’ll do a little recon mission twixt now & then and devise a little recognition plan.

Turns out I will be able to show up earlier than I expected. Will probably put in an appearance at 4 PM or so after my meeting gets out.

I’ll probably not be able to stay too late, as a friend’s band is playing that night and I’m going to the show (it’s at the Ironworks; band is good!).

See you all there!

OK. I’m probably the only confirmed lush in the bunch. As far as recognition goes, I suggest one of two options.

  1. Step in the front door and yell, “Where’s the Dope?!” until you find the party you’re looking for
  2. Go to the bar, order a 2 pints of Guinness (One for you, one for me) and ask the bartender for Inigo Montoya’s phone number (really! I’ll give it to the bartenders, or have it posted near the bar in plain sight.) It’s my cell phone.

hey Colorado Dopers
Have any of you guys actually been down in LoDo during a recent St Pat’s?
I mean, after 4 or 5pm.
It is basically one huge mass of people. We could not get inside Fado’s. We just hung around outside. There was a lo-ong line.
We once had a good St Pat’s at this divey bar called The Shillaleigh, out on Leetsdale, but it’s not exactly Fado’s. The Whistling Pig in Cherry Creek will probably be bustling, as will the Cherry Cricket. Good (but crowded) times.
We’re old farts now and only venture out every few March 17ths. Hope you all find each other and have a lot of fun!