Guinnog, step right on in here

I see by your name that you are a guest, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and won’t turn the heat up too high. Having said that…

WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, ASSHOLE?!? For you to come into a memorial thread and try to turn it into a political discussion thread, even after cautions were given, is arrogant and rude beyond belief. Then you got a warning from a mod and were enough of a dumbshit to post this in response:

I’m actually amazed that SkipMagic has not visited you with the Mod Jackboot Of Death being shoved up your ass. You sure as hell deserve it.

Here, let me award you your first (and probably not last) official Wally: :wally

Clothahump, check the date of the post.

Check the time stamps, dude. You’re pitting a year-old post.

Date check. I’m sure he deserved this, but it’s a bit late. :wink:

You catch on quick. Please consider staying.

:smiley: Oh, man. After reading on the OP, I thought, “Wow, could this be a case where Clothahump finally got something right?”

Never mind.


A tad bit embarrasssing I would imagine.

Look at the bright side… you’ve still got one good foot.

I suspect that the Left Wing Media deliberately delayed his post as it made its way through the interweb.

What other possiblity is there?


Ah, come on people, let’s not use this as an excuse to pile on Clothahump. Misreading the time stamps is an easy thing to do, and i’m sure we’ve all done it at times and not got this amount of pointing and laughing.

Thats our Humpy. I hope he never leaves. I am laughing so hard, it is to die…I love you man.

I did this once before, too…pretty embarrassing. All this righteous rage and then you discover it’s for naught.

Hey, some good comes of it. We found out that KneeHighHanes is a jerk.

My thoughts too.

Sure, its easy to do. That doesn’t make it any less funny. Besides, all the frothing vitriolic hatred Humpy regularly dishes out does not compare to a little pointing and laughing he is being subjected to here.

True. I just thought it might be good if we could be the bigger people, here.

The important question is, does this make Clothahump twee?

True but turning ones nose up at others having a little harmless fun does not make one a “bigger” person it just makes one a tight ass.

Besides, when humpy stumbles back in I doubt he will take to much offense at a little good natured ribbing.

Heh, I thought the exact same thing.

But it’s true that missing the date on a post is a very easy mistake to make, I can’t rag on him about that too much.

Why not both? :wink:

Probably not. Remembering his usual Pit style, though, we probably won’t see him for a good while.