Guitar Chord Help (Again!) Please

It’s the Steve Miller song Rockin’ Me Baby. I found some guy’s tab on the net, but I can’t find how to make the chords he says go to the song: A5,B5 and E5. I looked for them in an old Mel Bay book of chords, but couldn’t find them, (unless they were called something else).

Can someone just point me to a site that will show me the fingerings? One chord finder lists A-5 (with the dash), but man what a stretch that chord is! Is there a way to barre those three chords?

Thanks Y’all


-5 chords are chords with dropped thirds. Power chords, basically. Power A, B and E. two strings only.

Dropped to what? I think he means the root A and the 5th E played togther. So A @ the fifth fret on the low E and E on the A string at the seventh fret. The number refer to the notes in a major scale. Do re mi so fa la ti do

I entered my post accidently. :smack: Anyway, it’s the same for the other notes the 5th is three frets up and one string over. Until you get to the G string then you go down an extra fret. So you wan to play E =E/B A= A/E B=B/F#

Droped as in GONE. Two notes.

A B and E power vchords with the E and A strings (and the A and D strings for the B).

Power chords are formed (usually) on the 5 and 6 strings and consist of the root played with the index finger on the deepest note then the 2 and 3 fingers each playing the next two strings two frets higher.

So for instance a G power chord would consist of the index finger on fret 3 of the low-E string and the middle finger on the fifth fret of the fifth string (D) and the ring finger on the fifth fret of the fourth string (G).

There’s another form which just uses the index and middle fingers for a two-note power chord. Either way works.

If you can master power chords (and you can) you can play at least 75% of the rock and roll songs you’ve ever heard.

Dropped as in missing. Power chords have only a root and a fifth (and usually the octave of the root). E string at the 5th fret is A (the root of the A chord), A string at the 7th fret is E (5th of the A chord) and D string at the 7th fret is A (octave of the root). Move everything up one string (A string, D string, G string) and it’s a D5. It does sound to me (in my head, the only place I can find it right now) like he’s just playing the two strings–root and fifth.

Power chords are all over the place in rock songs, from “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple to “I Want to Fly Away” by Lennie Kravitz.

Usually the 1 the 5 and the 8 make up the power chord (di someone say that already?). The 8 is the Octave. The Root 1, Whole step 2, whole step 3, half step 4, whole step 5, whole step 6, whole step 7, half step 8. On your A string accending it would be A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G#, A. The Key of A has 3 sharpes.