Guitar Hero II


Does anyone know how to unlock all songs in guitar hero II for playstation?

I really want to play ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ which is listed on the back but I cant open it or buy it in the store.

Im not very good but have finished the easy set.


Playing on Medium is the minimum for unlocking the encore songs. “Sweet Child of Mind” is the encore for the fourth set of songs, on both the PS2 and the 360 versions.

You have to play in career mode to unlock more songs. An easy level career will unlock some of them but not all (the encores and the last level are not unlocked). Medium career mode will unlock all of the main songs and earn you money that you can use to buy the rest of the songs that are from unsigned artists.

If you’re lazy and just want to unlock all the songs, there are cheat codes that allow it.

I’d post them, but they’re specific to NTSC (US) or PAL(Europe) and I’m not sure what version you have.

As a follow-up, the unlock all codes are the same on either, according to the Internets. On the menu screen, type in B,Y,O,R,O,Y,R,Y,R,Y,R,Y,R,Y (colors) on the fret buttons.


I didn’t look that closely. Thanks.

Shit. If I were that coordinated, I could just get them by playing the game. :smiley:

At least here, you can look at the buttons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Time and Practice - be patient young one…

I pretty much skipped easy, but it took several days of practice before I felt like I mastered “medium” - now I’m fighting the Hard level - and I’m still amazed at how I’m doing things that I did not think I would ever do - and still annoyed at the things I should be able to do…

Time and Patience - it will come together in time -

Exact same situation here. I’ve finished medium, but now I’m going through and trying to get 5 stars on every song. Hard is still too difficult for me. It’s taken a while to get here.

I went for 5 stars on all mediums - then went for 100% - started hard - satisfied with just not getting booed off the stage - went back to medium for a bit - and am now working my way from 3’ to 5’s on hard . I still can’t finish Cowboys from Hell in hard. (that’s GH one, but I play all 3 in a rotation).

One of the changes from medium to Hard is the BPM (beats per minute) of the songs - (from 120BPM to 160BPM) so not only is it legitamitely faster, they throw that dang 5th fret at ya too. - once you get used to the new speed, it makes medium much tougher to go back to.

Sometimes, the best course is to keep restarting the same song - since every song has its own rythm - i find it takes atleast 3 starts to “get into” the beat at times. if I can nail the intro, the rest of the song goes much better - if I’ve fought the intro - the rest of the song is always a fight as well.
I’ve also found that using the ‘easier’ songs as warmup helps quite a bit - don’t jump immediately to the one thats kicking your ass - warm up to it.

Your post made me think, “He said all 3 of them. I thought there were only two?” So after some research and a trip to Target, I’m the proud owner of Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s. Thanks for that. Cowboys in Hell was a bear for me in Medium! Hard, constantly-changing rhythms.

Hah! I feel confident as a Guitar Hero now. I never could beat CFH or Bark at the Moon on Expert, but after getting and playing GHII for a while, I went back and beat them (fairly) handily.

Last couple of tiers on GHII Expert still give me problems though.

Out of curiosity did you find GHI hard to go back to, considering how much easier hammer-ons and pull-offs are on GHII?

Slight, slight, microscopic hijack: What charachter are you? I’m Clive Winston on GHI and II, and Izzy Sparks on Rocks the 80s. No Clive on GHIII, though. :frowning:

Judy Nails in all three. She’s such a cutie!

Alex Steele here - with the “other shirt” in GH2.

I never could get it in GHI… I just strum everything (GHII is fine) . And I can’t even do the up-down strum thing very well in parts, so I just look like I’m having a seizure sometimes.

I love playing as Death. Can’t think of what they call him in the game.

The “Grim Ripper”.