Guitarists: StealthPlug Question

I had this installed (via disc) on my former computer (Dell Dim 3K - old, I know), and would like to now install it on my new (faster) IBuyPower (4gb) set, but when I insert the disc, it goes directly to Media Player and plays a bunch of sample tunes. In other words, it will not install from the disc.

I can, however, plug the cable into a free USB hub, and I get the message that the “device is ready for use”.

Without the disc, however, I can’t see or use the many styles of amps the program offers.

I can contact IK Multimedia tomorrow of course, but was just wondering if any of you might have experience with this product and have some advice for me?



It sounds like it might not be setup to install automatically. Try right clicking on the disk in My Computer, and choosing Open. And then look for something called setup or install.

Heh. I thought a guitarist’s stealth plug involved telling the girl he was [Drummer’s name here] instead of his real name.

No experience with that product specifically, but there’s probably a .pdf manual on the disc if you open it like a regular drive. Also, I suspect you’ll need the sleeve or other packaging with the registration key.

Absolutely no clue; sorry.

This is most like the solution but alternately skip the CD entirely and check their website for updated software, drivers,etc. and download and install from there.

The “device is ready for use” message doesn’t mean much other than Windows has detected something plugged into the USB port. Without drivers or a some kind of control application for the device it will not work properly, if at all.

To check your drivers:
Right click on “My computer” --> “Properties” -->“Hardware”–> “Device Manager”
Scroll down…do you see any yellow “!” or red “X” besides any devices?
Click on “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” Is your device listed?

Insert the disk. When autoplay comes up close out of it. Go to windows explorer. Right click on the CD drive and choose explore. That will open the CD in explorer. Hunt down the install.exe and double click it.



Quasi, did you get it fixed?

I can’t help you other than to offer support. I use Guitar Rig 3 and when I upgraded to version 4 last month I lost the ability to use the kontrol hardware. It took me a while to figure out that I needed to adjust a setting that had reset to standard during the upgrade process.

I hope you get it fixed. Modeling programs are a nice way to try out some tones and effects before you decide to invest in hardware.


Sorry to just now be answering, but no, it isn’t fixed, and it’s my fault that it isn’t.

Apparently, I didn’t register it when I bought it, it’s gone through several upgrades, I don’t have the serial number, so I’m screwed.

I’m sure I can use the cable itself, but without the upgrades, I cannot see the amps/effects.

Sucks to be me, I guess! :slight_smile:



Contact IK Multimedia. They may very well send you a new serial number. I bought a Stealth Plug as an open-box product at a Guitar Center, and the program wouldn’t let me register it, saying it’s already been registered. They sent me a new serial no questions asked.

I’ll try that, and thank you! :slight_smile: