Gunman and hostage at Discovery HQ

It seems that there is a gunman, possibly with explosives, and a hostage situation in the Discovery HQ in Silver Spring, MD. This is right across the street from me. Now I wonder if I’ll even be able to get home at a reasonable hour.

WTOP radio


I know, right? Rush hour is going to suck. Glad I’m working at home today (about 3/4 mile west of there).

Oooh, he has a manifesto:

Seems a sensible enough platform – I wonder why on earth he decided to eschew intelligent argument and embrace terrorism?

a bit scary with a day care centre in the building. thankfully the kids have been taken from the building and are at a nearby mcdonalds.

what is your building telling you, edward?

Because the rest of it is loony. I also fixed your link, you had 3ts in it. At least the trains are running from what I understand so I can go home.

Our building isn’t telling us much. Though we do have the radio on. I’m in the NOAA complex which is across the Metro tracks, but I’m sure you could see from high up. I did just get an email saying the trains and Metro are running.

Manifesto link is crushed already. Link to Google cache.

I’ve been pondering this for a few minutes and have fashioned a makeshift shoelace ligature around the base of my scrotum. (It’s not easy being green.)

It’s good to know one’s station in life.

good to hear. i hope you will be able to follow the story from home in a few hours.

they are showing a lot of overhead footage on cnn, so i’m sure we see your building. might not be a good time for you to wave or show a “hi unca cecil” sign (smile face) .

“The humans? The planet does not need humans.”

'Cept as authors… oh, and broadcasters… oh oh, and target audiences.

Running, but probably skipping Silver Spring. Metrobuses serving that station have been rerouted.

I was just walking past that building last week with my family. My mother in law said “Wouldn’t it be cool to live up there in those apartments? You could hear the ocean* all day.” Sure, MIL, but here’s the thing. You see, there’s this nutcase…
*NOAA has a fountain out front that simulates the ocean like a mini wave pool. It’s cool.

Any truth to the rumor that he was able to enter Discovery HQ with explosives by disguising himself as Jamie Hyneman?

I blame Avatar. I bet he was one of those audience members who had a depression realizing how Earth can never be so pristine.

Has Shark Week been harmed?

Well that was a fun read. I gather that he really doesn’t like babies.


And it looks like they took him down.

Yeah, they shot him. Is he dead? They’re not saying on CNN.

Yes it does look like it’s over. He’s been shot, don’t know how bad. Seems like everyone else is ok.

I was able to make it home no problem, but the big hole in the ground is the new transportation building. It was very quite at the station today, very odd.

The CNN banner is saying he is shot and “in custody” - normally, dead gunmen go to the morgue, not “custody”. So, presumably he is still alive.

Of course, real time reporting like that is chaotic and sometimes wrong.