Gurkha VS Navy Seal - hand to hand

Who would win a hand to hand fight between a Gurkha and a Navy Seal? Is this even fair?

Both Gurkhas and Seals are in the business of never getting into fair fights.

Batman, if he’s prepared.

You know those guys carry guns, right?

Well, send an e-mail to World’s Deadliest Warrior - maybe they’ll do an episode about it.

And that just pisses off a Ghurka no end.

And that’s a bad thing.

Indeed it is.

Three dead, eight wounded, and another 30 armed bandits driven off by a retiree with a big freaking knife. Okay, SEAL Team 6, what’s your counteroffer?

The seals can’t answer you. The aircraft carrier they were on is sinking from Kukri slashes.

<a SEAL who looks suspiciously like William Shatner looks out a plane window>

“There’s a Gurkha on the engine!”

When you’re talking about trained fighters, it’s going to depend on the individuals and circumstances involved in a particular fight. You can’t say any Gurkha beats any Seal all the time, nor can you say any Seal beats any Ghurka all the time. Either type of fighter is perfectly capable of taking out the other (or for that matter, anyone else), in the right situation.

How could a trendy bag possibly fendi off a Navy Seal? :slight_smile:

A friend of mine works for Ghurka, and this is a source of amusement for both of us.

OK, but what if we put one of each in the same Thunderdome?

I have read multiple versions about that Gurkha story. The one that is most popular is more embellished and seems to have become ‘gospel’, and by far the most common now.

This one seems more credible to me, due the increased detail of the circumstances.

My vote would be the SEAL statistically, because he is likely to be physically larger. With similar training, usually the larger guy wins.


If you take on a Gurkha, you’ll find yourself in a pickle! Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk! :smiley:

Unless they’re using guns, in which case the smaller guy has the advantage of being a smaller target.

Do you HAVE to be such a wet blanket? :wink:

SEALs are in Otara’s room, making them say that! They’re sneaky that way.

My Dad is a WestPoint grad and an Airborne Ranger (from the days when that’s what Rambo wanted to be when he grew up). He’s worked with Gurkhas, and he says:

“Gurkha always wins.”

The SEAL is likely bigger, stronger and better fed. But the Gurkha has been in more knife fights his first year on the job than the average SEAL will see in his career. He has hunted and killed whatever he ate for dinner for most of life - long before he joined a military outfit. He won’t hesitate while testing his opponent, or be curious to see how he opens. Gurkha has no interest at all in maiming or disarming and he’s never wasted any time training for that. He is about the immediate definitive kill.

If he couldn’t beat the SEAL, he would have been a corpse long ago. That’s the difference.

In a gun fight, the SEAL wins.

In a hand to hand situation, toss a coin.

In a knife fight, the seal gets clubbed.

If the Gurkha is named Leroy Brown, he wins by default.