Guy bowls perfect 300 game and immediately drops dead

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I wonder if he ever said “I’m gonna bowl a perfect game if it’s the last thing I do.”

Not a bad way to go, I imagine very few people get to go out with a smile on their face surrounded by life-long friends.

At least he made it to the final frame. I’d be pissed if I died at 290.

If he was like me, and has never bowled a game scoring more than 130 than I can say that this is a possibility.

Without that final strike the score would actually be 270, wouldn’t it?

It would be 290 if he got 11 strikes and then totally missed the last shot.

My hubby is a 210+ average bowler, who hasn’t had a 300 yet.
He has a 299. (11 strikes and 9 pins for the last shot).
He is 44 and still trying for the elusive 300. Now I will worry if he gets it!